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street in Cuba July 2019- Tim Sauder
22 Jan 2021
street in Cuba July 2019- Tim Sauder

The Week the Earth Stood Still (Moved from YouTube) 02.19.2019


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This is perhaps the most-comprehensive Special Report ever produced for the Project Black Star Investigation allowing viewers to connect the dots between what is happening in space having great influence on what is happening under our feet in Earth mantle transition zone. Read the complete article for accessing all the related links in Terral's 2019 Newsletter 8 in the Featured Articles Section directly below this week's Black Star Update Report.

Mark our lead astronomer on the Astronomy-Physicist Research Team sent in a video presentation about discoveries made relating to Earth mantle transition zone that inspired this video presentation of The Week the Earth Stood Still.

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Effect of silver nanoparticles on Candida albicans biofilms: an ultrastructural study:


Nano-based approach to combat emerging viral (NIPAH virus) infection


Colloidal Silver vs. Nano Silver:


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street in Cuba July 2019- Tim Sauder
22 Jan 2021
street in Cuba July 2019- Tim Sauder