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Waking The Future 17 May 2022
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Jannat Mirza and Alishba Anjum new TikTok viral
03 Jul 2022
Jannat Mirza and Alishba Anjum new TikTok viral
riskylooser · 1 Views

They Need A Herd That Strives For Mediocracy! And They Are Getting It!!! 05-17-2022


⁣Open minds to question all things. Be Prepared For What May Come.

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Butchkoch 2 months ago

On flat earth I struggle to understand how time zones work. If the sun rises on flat earth how does it stay dark in other parts of the world, or even within this continent? I despised the 'awards for every participant' but was clearly out-voted by other parents, but it sure made lots of money for the trophy manufacturers.

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Angel10 2 months ago

may 22 will live in infinity as the date the west became communist 😢🤬

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PatriciaShaw 2 months ago

The jabbed will be walking time bombs when the 5g is turned up and their souls owned by the devil worshipping satanic cult of sick freaks that is pushing this evil agenda upon us all.

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Juncakarina36 2 months ago

⁣they want the female of the species to poison their own babies with their jabbered milk that's why there is no formula

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SebDangerfield 2 months ago

⁣Am gonna drop this little observation package on a number of platforms because I’m seeing questionable censorship being practised (BrandNewTube being especially guilty).

There’s a few elephants in the room which everyone seems to be ignoring and there's too much randomness to almost every aspect of that which is purportedly going on - ALL OF IT FROM EVERY QUARTER (including our own).
When (and how) was any poison ever developed which caused a reported 3,000 plus DIFFERENT reactions, as claimed, with regard to this injection?

Why would it strike down, after dose one, perfectly healthy youngsters, including athletes, yet leave alone triple and quadruple jabbed family members of mine who are well into their eighties?

Where's the pattern (never mind the patterns - plural)?

There's no disease on Earth which has ever given SOME people thrombosis, some pneumonia, some AIDS, some Bells Palsy, some neurological disorders (including loss of muscle and nerve control), some blood clots the length of their legs yet some micro-clotting in the brain, some heart attacks, some strokes, some dementia, some blindness, some deafness, some paralysis, some hyperactivity and some with any one, or a combination of over three thousand, other symptoms!

And then we have clowns (proclaiming to be on “our” side but with agendas unknown) muddying the already impenetrable waters with their outlandish and wholly impractical (as well as not credible) claims of the injectable solutions containing viper venom (just how many fucking vipers ARE THERE on the planet – enough to contaminate fifty billion injections (at “Warp-Speed”) which would be needed to provide us with five each?) as well as graphene razor blades plus (most challenging to swallow, of all) either and or quantum physics in the form of self-assembling micro-electronic structures of unknown purpose (never mind origin) as well as entirely new and unrecognisable, uncategorised and unidentifiable “life-forms” such as multi-limbed and seemingly self-aware “Hydras”.

How many doctors are there? How many nurses, scientists, cops, politicians, morticians, undertakers, lab workers, investigative journalists – IN THE WORLD?
And how many of those have broken ranks and are “speaking out”? How many whistle-blowers are there?
An infinitely tiny percentage, is how many. Just enough to keep us all occupied but not so many as to swamp us with an over-abundance of evidences and irrefutable testimonies. Certainly not enough to mobilise an unstoppable rising up of un-ignorable opposition, demanding justice.

In over two years, not one scientist or other qualified and suitably positioned lab worker has managed to obtain and properly analyse the contents of a single vial of any of the mRNA solutions whereas we should, by now, have so many analysis’ of the serums providing a full breakdown of every ingredient? Yet all we hear are crickets with regard to the actual contents.
Doesn’t ANYONE (on “our side”) have access to a fucking centrifuge?

Please give me a break.

I'm uninjected and shall remain so, because it's all bollocks – their story AND ours.
Little wonder nobody who does buy into the Covid narrative takes much, if anything, of what we have to say seriously.

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Jannat Mirza and Alishba Anjum new TikTok viral
03 Jul 2022
Jannat Mirza and Alishba Anjum new TikTok viral
riskylooser · 1 Views