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hugotalks 31 May 2021
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Scumbag Halfcock dismisses critics of lockdown rules as MPs set to vote on UK measures - Oct 13, 202
22 Sep 2021
Scumbag Halfcock dismisses critics of lockdown rules as MPs set to vote on UK measures - Oct 13, 202
srmgin · 506 Views

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TJay 4 months ago

I am happy to be alive to be a part of a generation that will make history as the first group of people in history who fought and won back their freedom from a fascist and tyrannical government through peaceful demonstrations and the shout of "SHAME ON YOU".

The men and women in uniforms are useful idiots and a tool of repression and must be seen as such. They have bills and mortgages to pay - so, shouting "Shame on You" and "Chose your side" is not likely to make any difference to them!

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Berda 4 months ago

⁣⁣Share this video on AWI -

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Kate Miller
Kate Miller 4 months ago

⁣I fear God. Who says those taking the shot will be able to work in six months? They'll probably need us to take care of them, silly bats! Putting all my trust in Jesus. :) Thanks for the vid. God bless.

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depcom 4 months ago

LMAO! Lots more sheep out there to be scared into taking the toxic solution.

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resetresister 4 months ago

⁣Any authority using blackmail to compel you to penetrate your own body with injection you dont want or need is committing medical violence against you. Your body, your choice because that is an inailianable right. You were born a free living man or woman. Not owned by anybody or any organisation. Is not that a basic freedom you would be determined that your children and grandchildren inherit? Submit to that kind of order from HQ, and you have reduced yourself to the level of farmers livestock.

I'd sooner die with a beating soldiers heart in my chest than exist as a slave on my knees. I cant be owned or bought. Not for any amount of money by any plantation owner.

And its not just your bodily autonomy and freedom at stake, your very health and life could very well depend on your good judgement in making that decision. There is mounting dissent among doctors and scientists warning of possible catastrophic health consequencies for vacinees in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Antibody Dependant Enhancement, Cardiac damage, Infertility, neurological dysfunction, auto- immune diseases, tumour formation are valid concerns of very well qualified scientists. And the vaccines obviously have no long term safety data of potential effects. Their short term safety data is even meagre. Later onset outcomes have not been ruled out by the woefully inadequate trials. You are the lab rats about to find out that there is good reason why new drugs typically need 10 years of R&D before market. Its to observe whether unexpected outcomes unfold. Those trustworthy guys on BBC said "great minds fast tracked it warp speed" but common sense tells you that there's some things just cant be rushed. Not unless you got a crystal ball.

And the question of risks vs benefits has become even more critical since bombshell evidence is now emerging in the medical literature that the spike protein in the substance is getting into the circulation of a large proportion of vacinees. No its not supposed to be transported around. The potion makers assured the regulators that it would stay contained in shoulder deltoid muscle at injection site. Looks like they got it badly wrong. New explosive studies are trickling out these days that show the spike protein is in fact, oftentimes, escaping to stowaway around the bloodstream. It appears to be accumulating in heart, spleen, brain and ovaries where it is a pathogenic protein which is harmful to the body. That is reason why we are seeing tens of thousands of cases of mycarditis heart inflamation, blood clots in the brain etc. I am compiling a document composed of very credible medical opinion which will be diseminated on Telegram in next few days with references to all original sources included. It is mind blowing.

No wonder they are not very keen to be conducting post mortems on all those sudden "post vaccine" deaths. And "evidence" is being cremated rapidly. Big Pharma counting those piles of profit from tax payers money, and Boris taking orders via speed dial from a bat cave in some unknown global location.

Ask yourself: How will I work if I am vaccine injured? Who will put food on the table or take care of my family if I am maimed? And thats with no speculation far, just in UK: 750,000 adverse reactions reported on yellow cards. See for yourself on

Blood clots, blindness, heart inflamation, strokes, paralysis, vomitting blood, seizures, bells palsy, tremors, disgusting skin conditions. All sorts. Its not pretty.

And if you draw the short straw of unlucky prize of vaccine damage, do you think your employer will see you alright for money? Pfizer? The Government? Those pharma-whore "science boffins" on the telly?

No, your on your own with the consequencies of your bad decision. You wont get a penny from Pfizer or Moderna etc as they insisted on indemnity from compensation claims. And the Gov and their boffins will bleat "sorry but we didnt know at the time". Your boss will issue your P45 whenever you are surplus to requirements of human resources mngmnt. You went to the jab station voluntarily after all, signed on the dotted line. Thats what they'll say. Signed your life away that day. Too late for regrets once you realise that nobody's taking the hit. Except you.

Ask the 1500 folks injured with lifetime disability of Narcolepsy in 2009 in uk, ireland and europe just ⁣how lifes working out for them after they took new swine flu vaccine (pandemrix) .

NHS kept giving out their stockpile to teenagers even whilst alarm reports were coming out from medics in Finland about it in 2010. The following year, an article was published in medical journal stating that vaccine risk of narcolepsy brain damage was 1 in 16,000 vacinees. But by then the damage was done. Nobody apologised to the victims. Not a word of sorry for real people like 19 year old Katie Clack whos employer had coerced her into taking the injection. She later committed suicide because she said it destroyed her life.

If its a choice between my good health and my fundamental freedoms, vs my job, then of course my health and freedom wins top priority. No question.

Think critically, fellow humans, your life, or at least one worth living, could well depend on it.

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Scumbag Halfcock dismisses critics of lockdown rules as MPs set to vote on UK measures - Oct 13, 202
22 Sep 2021
Scumbag Halfcock dismisses critics of lockdown rules as MPs set to vote on UK measures - Oct 13, 202
srmgin · 506 Views