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GGT 22 Jul 2021
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New Zealand's Ministry Of Truth - '1984' Anyone
28 Jul 2021
New Zealand's Ministry Of Truth - '1984' Anyone
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鈦his is what happens to children's eyes during Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)


鈦b仯馃檹馃檹馃檹 The children need us 馃檹馃檹馃檹 Jeanette Archer - Supporting SRA Survivors
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鈦his is what happens to children's eyes during Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

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belarionaddajjal 6 days ago

I met a person here in Victoria who has some form of connection to Satanists & some of the things the man was saying resembles the video involving Hilary Clinton with the wearing peoples faces after filleting them. They were pretty much threatening to do it to him while they raped his wife with him watching.

Well these fuckers have a dark day on the horizon because right now inside Victoria everything is being monitored from Satanists to Masons &/or other. In my immediate town they're going to be forgotten history very soon & when we're done here we're going to hunt the cunts all over the country until they're eradicated.

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romanticdance 6 days ago

A nation that allows one million kids a year disappear is doomed. Not
to speak about the kids of refugees and migrants who disappear
without a trace. The operation "Spade" is a worldwide
trafficking network for kids. The demons need their victims.
Unspeakable tortures are taking place. But as long as the Jimmy
Savile's go free and even have free excess to the royals and child
"care" nothing will change. This amount of abuse can only
sustain as long as there is a structure supporting it. Adrenachrome
is a result of horrifying abuse. This is the elite drug with which
these demons are getting as old as a turtle. We protest against a
sniffing pedophile as president, but we keep silent about millions of
kids who fell victim to satanists and sadists. Even child care is
worldwide runned by some 3000 pedophiles. Evil exists because someone
wants it that way. Evil is a way to control one totally. You could
easily blackmail any higher up puppet by his perversions.

In the
Netherlands we had the Round House, Nunspeet, where the royalties
held orgies and hunted naked woman and children after which they
could do with whatever they wanted. In Wassenaar there was a house,
where the bastards held demonic and unspeakable sadist rituals and
murdering s. Some of these devils are members of the highest echelons
and government. They are either pedophiles, cross dressers and gay or
of any perversion you could imagine including sniffmovies. The
syphilis ridden royal prince Hendrik with the nickname Swine raped
Juliana, the later queen. She was an illegal child of that bastard
and put in bed where a miscarriage was born. In Belgium a lot of
these scum up unto the royalty was involved in child abuse and
satanic rituals.

The case of Dutroux opened a door to the
international child trafficking. Most witnesses have been murdered,
dossiers stolen or disappeared. The lone nut story was launched, as
if he was the new Harvey Oswald. The prime minister Di Rupo is a
pedophile. Everyone talking was silenced and threatened. Police was
totally corrupted. In the Netherlands the minister of Justice
Demminck was a known pedophile. It's just the top of the dirty

Even Bernhard and Claus had experiences with
under-aged girls and boys. Claus was gay.

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Fab_uk 6 days ago

these evil doers need to burn their own eyes first oh but that time iscoming when worst willhappen tothem

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In Jesus Name Amen

鈦2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

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TINK123 6 days ago

The eyes are the window to the soul...and these sickos cant stand to see the, and God in someone's eyes!

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New Zealand's Ministry Of Truth - '1984' Anyone
28 Jul 2021
New Zealand's Ministry Of Truth - '1984' Anyone
bunkerbill901 5 Views