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Tony Gosling
Tony Gosling 15 Jan 2021
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STOP  Coronavirus Act 2020 - Petition
05 Mar 2021
STOP Coronavirus Act 2020 - Petition
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Tony Gosling Cardiff Senedd Stand Up X Anti Lockdown Protest Sun 11 Oct 2020


Tony Gosling Cardiff Senedd Stand Up X Anti Lockdown Protest Sun 11 Oct 2020

Coronavirus: WHO backflips on virus stance by condemning lockdowns


Stand Up UK!

For Our Freedom
For Our Rights
For Our Future

Freedom groups march in London Oct 10
Dr Heiko Schöning arrested at Speaker's Corner
Sept 26 Protest in Tafalgar Square is an Historic Event
StandUpX Mission
We are Peacefully Questioning the Narrative

We do not consent to the illegal and disproportionate COVID-19 measures.

We are living in a state of authoritarian control. There is no opposition in government. Police are unleashing violence on peaceful protestors. This describes a Police Dictatorship.
We do not consent to Government social distancing measures infringing upon public and private life. We do not accept enforced masks. We do not accept a dictatorship of lockdowns, threats of lockdowns, and Covid Ghettos.

Forced, coerced and mandated vaccinations violate the principles of the Nuremberg Code which states 'any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned.'
Humanity will be a mass science experiment profiting billions for pharmaceutical companies and their partners including Bill Gates.

The UK government is proposing to change the Human Medical Laws to enable UNLICENSED VACCINES to be rolled out and administered by non-medical staff, with EXTREMELY LIMITED LIKELIHOOD OF BEING ABLE TO SUE THE PHARMA COMPANIES FOR COMPENSATION IN CASE OF INJURY OR DEATH. The public had just 3 weeks to comment on the proposal, widely ignored by the mainstream media.

Tracking & Tracing is a total violation of personal privacy and freedom to associate. It is a digital Gestapo.
To add to this oppression, the government is proposing a Health Passport, which is designed to track your health records, purchases and public activities including travel. It will not be temporary. It is the preliminary step to 24/7 tracking. ID2020 is an implantable digital chip being developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, proposed for all 7 billion humans to have, in collaboration with Gavi, the Gates Foundation Vaccine Alliance.

5G is necessary for the infrastructure of 24/7 Surveillance Tracking & Implantable Microchips.
This is why our roads are currently being dug up to install the fibre cable network necessary for 5G. This is why trees, which block 5G signals (and help us breathe) are being chopped all over our cities.

5G is lethal to privacy as well as to health. We have no reason to believe 5G is safe. More than 500 studies have found harmful biologic or health effects from exposure to low levels of Radio Frequency Radiation proposed for 5G networks.

Who We Are
We are a community of struggle against the New Normal.

We include many views and many minds of individuals and wide-ranging groups.

We March Separately and Strike Together.

We welcome all people questioning the mainstream narrative to come meet us, join in discussions, and participate in peaceful rallies.


Join us! Political Rallies are Exempt from the Rule of 6.

LONDON Saturday, 17 Oct

17th October we will be marching through central London, less speakers, targeting small businesses and chanting our message in the thousands. Exact details, starting point TBC.


Every Saturday, 12pm
Town Hall Peace Gardens

Every Saturday, 3pm
Russell Park

Every Saturday, 2-5pm​
Bournemouth Town Hall

Every Saturday, 1pm
Chapelfield Gardens

Political Rallies are exempt from the rule of 6!

Saturday 26 September, 12pm, Trafalgar Square

Sept 26, 2020, Trafalgar Square, London

Aug 29, 2020, Trafalgar Square, London

Pandemic Resources

There is so much conflicting information about the virus that it is difficult to know what to think.
The government policy does not resemble a well-being agenda, but rather a control and profit agenda.

If the local lockdowns and social distancing continues, small and medium businesses will go under permanently.

The vulnerable will continue to live and die in isolation and our children will learn to fear life itself.

Is the virus really so lethal that this New Normal is justified? Is this the worst virus the world has ever seen?
If we keep consenting to masks, surveillance, vaccines, & human chip implants - will we ever be free people again?

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Robin_L 2 months ago

They are moving on the food soon. Induced food sgortages. The scamdemic line up outside shops is partly about, getting the livestock, us used to quing in a communist fasion for our rations. Control the money, food, and the cattle are yours.

Bill gate reported as owning the most farmland in USA ... Red the Rockefeller Lock step etc. They are going to force what you are allowed to eat too. Not allowed own chickens etc. So only have Big Brother to feed from.

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Robin_L 2 months ago

Heir Schtarmer is another SS family moved over to England after WW2. Like operation paperclip ? The same people Adolf was actually trying to defend Germany, and world from. Have been running America/ British Empire all along.

This guy is spot on.

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Robin_L 2 months ago

A manipulated DNA manipualtion tool. Not even a true vaccine, well it is as vaccine , as translates as poison. The Hydroxychloroquine , was not just removed from msm voicing. They had a husband and wife in Canada who produced HCQ. More recently, a HCQ manufacturing factory was blown up in Taiwan I think. Another burnt down. I wonder why. My GP refuses to prescribe it.

Again the Big pharma control the government, to remove the products they make no big money on. For their new patent poison.

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HARRYO 2 months ago

⁣⁣Venice Italy Here are some of the first restaurants opening up. This is the only thing that can stop this tyranny, civil disobedience. What happens from here is up to us. Long Live Freedom
⁣50,000 restaurants will simultaneously open despite evening curfew restrictions ⁣

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STOP  Coronavirus Act 2020 - Petition
05 Mar 2021
STOP Coronavirus Act 2020 - Petition
The Mirror Project · 1 Views