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18 Jan 2022
Nojabnothanks · 153 Views



RE: The UK 🇬🇧 Nationality and Borders Bill. Clause 9 – “Notice of decision to deprive a person of citizenship”!🇬🇧21/11/2021
Forward by Jan Khan Researcher from England (UK) in Urdu video clips attached. Please share it…
New bill quietly gives powers to remove British citizenship without notice
Clause added to nationality and borders bill also appears to allow the Home Secretary to act retrospectively in some cases, critics say the new bill will make the home secretary’s powers even more draconian.
Individuals could be stripped of their British citizenship without warning under a proposed rule change quietly added to the nationality and borders bill. Clause 9 – “Notice of decision to deprive a person of citizenship” added quietly – The bill, which was updated earlier this month, exempts the government from having to give notice if it is not “reasonably practicable” to do so, or in the interests of national security, diplomatic relations or otherwise in the public interest.

“It builds on previous measures to strip British-born dual nationals (who are mostly from ethnic minorities) of citizenship and to do it while they are abroad, measures used mainly against British Muslims. It disobeys international human rights obligations and basic norms of fairness.”

It is not the first time British citizenship rules are unfairly tightened under Tories

Home Office powers to strip British nationals of their citizenship were introduced after the 2005 London bombings but their use increased under Theresa May’s tenure as home secretary from 2010, and they were broadened in 2014.

Deprivation of citizenship on grounds is reserved for those who pose a threat to the UK or whose conduct involves very high harm.

‘Utterly draconian’ bill could allow Home Secretary to remove citizenship without notice
It could also allow the government to act retrospectively when it comes to British citizenship - which is not the first time the Home Office has pushed for retrospective law related to British citizenship this year.
By Andra Maciuca, 18/11/2021

Whilst the new citizenship clause would allow the Home Office to apply law retrospectively to people stripped of citizenship without notice before the clause became law, raising questions about the ability to appeal or denying you an appeal, this is not the first time rules related to citizenship are tightened in an unfair way under Boris Johnson’s government.

By campaign group ‘Best for Britain’ labelled the new clause as “utterly draconian”, while writer Frances Meta Coppola said it targets “specifically dual nationals, most of whom are from ethnic minority backgrounds.” “This amendment is explicitly racist,” Coppola added.
“This once again shows how little regard this government has for the rule of law.”
Regard for the rule of law?
Maya Foa, the director of Reprieve, told The Guardian: “This clause would give Home Secretary unprecedented power to remove your citizenship in secret, without even having to tell you, and effectively deny you an appeal.

[What is happened during the pandemic “Coronavirus Act 2020 and Vaccines Emergency Use Authorisation”]

The Home Office said: “British citizenship is a privilege, not a right. Deprivation of citizenship on conducive grounds is rightly reserved for those who pose a threat to the UK or whose conduct involves very high harm.
“The nationality and borders bill will amend the law so citizenship can be deprived where it is not practicable to give notice, for example if there is no way of communicating with the person.”

[Best for Britain tweeted message]
“This amendment sends the message that certain citizens, despite being born and brought up in the UK and having no other home, remain migrants in this country. Their citizenship, and therefore all their rights, are risky and conditional" Utterly draconian.

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18 Jan 2022
Nojabnothanks · 153 Views