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OMGWTF 05 Jun 2021
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Fauci should be in jail: Majorie Taylor Greene calls for Anthony Fauci to be prosecuted
27 Jul 2021
Fauci should be in jail: Majorie Taylor Greene calls for Anthony Fauci to be prosecuted
srmgin · 119 Views

TRUMP: Punish China / Fauci Wuhan lab / covid


Trump says China should pay 10 trillion for creating covid.
Dr fauci is getting cover from the Biden administration and the fake news propaganda.
Everyone in the world needs to protest to hold fauci accountable, plus china, and the globalists who locked us all down during this nwo global psy-op.

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TruthAgainstAllOdds 2 months ago

⁣⁣Tom Cowen exposes the truth about the "virus" and the "vaccine" : ⁣⁣ The quislings promulgating the existence of the "virus" and pushing the "vaccines" and the "virus" origin have no proof of their claims whatsoever. It's time to crush not the "virus", but rather, crush the quislings lies and maleficense.

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BigBangNone 2 months ago

⁣You will never read this from other sources - quite the way that I present it, because I study what is really happening with Government involvement with Big Pharma Monsanto and others...... and I know the "Human Nature" of greed over empathy - enabling me to finish the puzzle while others struggle.

Yes, I saw the woman publish a YouTube video on the Fauci causing AIDS deaths... Basically, she says that Fauci was delaying the public from knowing the Dangers of AIDS Fauci tried to manipulated everyone in an attempt to corner the market on his own cure.... Basically Fauci was attempting what the Cabal Bribe seeking greedy Democrat Governor of CA,

"Gavin Newson", and the greedy

Democrat Governor of NY "Cuomo" did with COVID-19.

You see they each forced COVID infected patients into Rest Homes......while being Fully Aware that this Virus (( KILLS ELDERLY )) !!!! Especially individuals with bronchitis or other comorbidity afflictions.

Once a few hundred thousand died, then the Cabal Big Pharma bribed Democrats and their point boy Fauci had the death count (mortality curve) necessary to push the real stock market money maker ((while killing the "useless elderly Eaters" in order to reduce the excess population  ))

And those money making stocks are all the COVID-19 Vaccine Companies, each in-line with the greedy tyrannical Democrats.

And these Dangerous Experimental Vaccines can now be pushed onto the cattle because there is enough dead elderly cattle in those rest homes and other places to scare anyone into taking an unnecessary experimental mRNA spike protein which (with a healthy fast pumping heart) will pump the mRNA or DNA to any location in your body then attack and destroy "Brain Cells". "Reproductive Cells" or any Cells in the body during which a Cytokine Storm occurs causing blood clots in those cell damaging war zones within the body.

I use the phrase "unnecessary vaccines" because these criminal Democrat Politicians and Big Pharma Vax Pushers took control of the Pandemic process and "eliminated" the critical and crucial requirement necessary to maintain any Pandemic....

And that critical requirement is (( Accurate Local City Daily Mortality Curve Data )) because without it, the greedy criminal Cabal bribed Democrats and the Cabal owned Doctors could use the "false positive" (( PCR Tests) to generate even MORE FEAR in the herd causing a stamped to take the Dangerous, and deadly - but very profitable jabs.

Whether it is AIDS or COVID-19..... The saying still persists.... The Cabal Big Pharma bribe seeking Democrats will never miss a chance to take advantage of any Medical situation in order to make a personal profit.

And History is clear.... Deceiving, scaring, and stampeding the cattle to take an unnecessary vaccine has always been quite easy for the Cabal bribed Democrats, the Cabal owned Doctors, and Cabal "owned" Mainstream News Media Networks.

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vinny800 2 months ago

They are not idiots far from it they are very clever manipulative sly hateful peices of shi% but certainly not idiots

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seletius 2 months ago


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Fauci should be in jail: Majorie Taylor Greene calls for Anthony Fauci to be prosecuted
27 Jul 2021
Fauci should be in jail: Majorie Taylor Greene calls for Anthony Fauci to be prosecuted
srmgin · 119 Views