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02 Jul 2022
Learn Something New Today · 304 Views

TRUST the PLAN of the NWO - The WHO plans for 10 years of PANDEMICS from 2020 to 2030!


Mirrored from "StopWorldControl" ---> ⁣

This is good information that EXPOSES the WICKED intent and PLANS of the World Hoax Overlords (WHO) but the "StopWorldControl" organization who produced this video SUPPORTS the RETURN of the WARP SPEED Trump-CINE King ... I guess their idea of Stopping WORLD Control is to KILL off ALL of Humanity by the NWO Antichrist King TRUMP!

⁣Incredible VIDEO reveals the WHO’s diabolical agenda behind the COVID-19 pandemic ---> ⁣

THE PLAN shows the official agenda of the World Health Organization to have ten years of ongoing pandemics, from 2020 to 2030. This is revealed by a WHO virologist, Marion Koopmans. You will also see shocking evidence that the first pandemic was planned and abundantly announced right before it happened. Make sure to watch, and share this everywhere.

More information, and to see all the documents featured in THE PLAN --->

The main REASON I posted this video is to put these LINKS to the FUTURE "WHO" SCAMS they are planning, especially the coming GRAB for WORLD Power thought the Global Pandemic Treaty!

⁣How To Stop The Global Pandemic Treaty Now ---> ⁣

⁣Dozens of Governments Commit to Signing WHO Pandemic Treaty ---> ⁣

⁣Five reasons the FDA's June Blitzkrieg Must Fail ---> ⁣

⁣I was thinking we are UNDER a Tsunami of INFORMATION, FAKE News, Distractions, Deceptions and ALARMS but he uses the term "Blitzkrieg" which is a MILITARY attack strategy!

This is a good report, looking at it from the FDA side ... how long can they keep up the FRAUD and FARCE ... and how they can avoid being HUNG at Nuremberg 2.0!

Blitzkrieg is a word used to describe a surprise attack using a rapid, overwhelming force concentration that may consist of armoured and motorised or mechanised infantry formations, together with close air support, has the intent to break through the opponent's lines of defense, then dislocate the defenders, unbalance the enemy by making it difficult to respond to the continuously changing front, and defeat them in a decisive Vernichtungsschlacht: battle of annihilation

So no matter how much the VRBPAC hates us, at some point they have to pivot to therapeutics. SARS-CoV-2 was never a good candidate for a vaccine. They CANNOT exit this pandemic via mRNA shots because the virus mutates too fast and mRNA shots make things worse. The VRBPAC can cut their losses now, or later, but if they cut their losses now they can avoid prosecution at Nuremberg 2. The choice is easy, the question is how long they will allow ego to stand in the way?


⁣SANHEDRIN rules it is Forbidden for Israel to Sign WHO Resolution ---> ⁣SANHEDRIN rules it is Forbidden for Israel to Sign WHO Resolution

⁣The Sanhedrin (speaking for Israel according to the Governance of God) just released an official ruling on the upcoming vote by the World Health Organization (WHO) on resolutions that will give them emergency powers over any country they choose ... DECLARING the Resolutions NULL and VOID!

⁣“By signing this resolution, the state of Israel is transferring their faith from God to this foreign organization.”

⁣“The Beit Din (court) rules that if there is a signing of the government of the sovereign to the WHO, this agreement is thereby null and void from the outset and it is not worth the ink that it is written with.”

⁣I have notice that trying to stop this PLAN-DEMIC WAH-WHO agenda is like trying to eat a soup sandwich ... The guilty ones perpetrating these Crimes Against Humanity SLIP through the Hands of Justice as they continually defy TRUTH and Common Sense.

The WHO is a branch of the United Nothing (UN) which has 194 member states with over 70 years of DECEPTION under their belt ... about the same amount of time as the Regathered Nation of Israel in 1948. The WHO is seen as the CRITICAL to SAVING the Health of the WORLD --->

The Sanhedrin forbids Israel to be subservient to another Governing body and the US Constitution forbids it as well ... Yet, the very purpose of the UN and the reason Israel and the US join the UN is for a United response of Global Governance.

The WHO PLAN-DEMIC treaty is NOT the ROOT of the DANGER (it is just a symptom of the problem) ... Writing your Congress representative to make them aware of the overarching purpose of Governance from the UN is nothing new, they are simply going to say that the US is a Sovereign Nation and we ONLY take guidance from the UN, not Carte Blanche orders.

But, as we know, the US is a leading influence in the Global Governance guidance of the UN agendas ... and in this case the resolutions to strengthen the WHO response to Pandemics comes from the Biden Administration.

The World Health Assembly (WHA), the World Health Organization’s (WHO) governing legislative body, will be voting on Provisional agenda item 16.2 in Geneva on May 22. The agenda, described by the WHO under the headline “Strengthening WHO preparedness for and response to health emergencies,” the new agenda would give them the power to unilaterally declare a health emergency in any country, thereby giving them emergency powers. The Biden administration gave these proposed amendments to the WHO on January 18. No one knew this until April 12, less than a month ago. If passed, the resolutions will go into effect in November.

Notifying our US representatives of this issue of overreach of power by the UN in the name of HEALTH is a GOOD idea but the reason the Globalists are EMPOWERED and the Nations are DECEIVED by the threat of a Global Health Contagion Pandemic is because they are FOLLOWING the FALSE Science "Germ Theory" which states that Disease is caused by a Germ or VIRUS and they are FOLLOWING the FALSE Science of Big Pharma Medicine that states that a Vaccination can prevent Disease.

I think we need to NOTIFY our Representatives of the FACT that American HealthCARE was HIJACKED for POWER and PROFIT by Allopathic medicine (Big Pharma DRUGS), primarily by Rockefeller in 1910. Using the "Flexner Report", Rockefeller was able to get the American Medical Association (AMA) to LABEL Holistic Medicine (vitamins, diet, herbs and natural healing) as QUACKERY and the use of "Scientific Research" of Drug based cures as the ONLY Accredited means of healing. --->

“Flexner clearly doubted the scientific validity of all forms of medicine other than that based on scientific research, deeming any approach to medicine that did not advocate the use of treatments such as vaccines to prevent and cure illness as tantamount to quackery and charlatanism.

"Scientific Research" to promote HEALING is a GOOD thing ... but the Science practiced by the AMA seldom promotes Natural healing products that are inexpensive and NON patentable but primarily promotes Expensive Big Pharma patented drugs! But even more troublesome is the FACT that the Scientific Research done by the AMA to promote the concept of a Contagion VIRUS is NOT based on REAL Science ... since a VIRUS has NEVER been ISOLATED or proven to cause Disease according to Koch Postulates!

In other words, it is the DECEPTION of Modern Day Medical Monopoly "Trust the Science" of the AMA that PROMOTES the FEAR of Contagion PLAN-DEMICS and PROMOTES the Sorcery of Big Pharma JAB-o-CIDE DRUGS that is the REAL DANGER to Health and FREEDOM!

It is the FEAR of a DEADLY LIE-RUS spread by people simply BREATHING air that DRIVES Nations, States, Municipalities, Venues, Businesses, Churches, Families and Individuals (irregardless of what the UN, WHO, WEF or Globalist say) to enforce POLICIES of Medical Tyranny over their sphere of INFLUENCE ... such as LINE UP, MASK UP, TEST UP, LOCK UP, JAB UP and SHUT UP if you don't believe in the SCIENCE of Contagion and DON'T have a Certificate of Health Compliance from the Government in order to physically enter "their" Sphere of influence for Social interaction ... to BUY and SELL!

Until Virology is EXPOSED as Mythology that is based on the FAKE Science of the Germ Theory, we are going to continue to make people into walking Shrek Monsters of Disease that need to be Hunted DOWN and Sterilized for the COMMON good!

Therefore, what we need to do is PROMOTE the REAL Science of the Terrain Theory, which is consistent with the teaching of the Bible that we are made in the Image of God from the GOOD dirt of the earth ... made by our Creator to FELLOWSHIP with another so we can speak about the Greatness of God and we can share the Gospel of the SAVING FAITH in His ONLY begotten Son Jesus Christ.

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. - Psalm 139:14

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. - Hebrews 10:24-25

The Sorcery of Big Harma Deception is Marching the World toward the NWO/Antichrist/Beast Kingdom!

The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery (pharmakeia) all the nations were deceived. - Revelation 18:23

⁣And "We the People" pay to be DECEIVED and Prodded into the NWO by the Globalist "$60 Million From U.S. Taxpayers so WEF Can Fund 'Playground' for World's Billionaires?" --->

After I sent this email I saw this RANT from Jon Rappaport about the LIE-RUS Theory!

"Stop arguing about the existence of the virus" May 20 by Jon Rappoport --->

The headline of this article has become a battle cry among some “alternative journalists,” activists, lawyers, and doctors.
As my readers know, I’ve devoted considerable space, over the past two years, to presenting evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is a scientific fairy tale, a con, and the virus doesn’t exist.

NO ONE who is reading this article has ever been in a virology lab and witnessed the step by step process of “discovering a new virus.” I find that stunning. And yet all sorts of people are quite ready to assert with great finality that they know all about isolating viruses.
If by chance, someone reading this article HAS actually been in a lab and “discovered a virus,” you can bet your bottom dollar he won’t let you or me in there with a full film crew and our outlier experts asking very pointed questions about each “scientific” move he makes, as he “isolates a virus.”
To which somebody might reply: “Well, I’ve never seen a car being made in a factory, but I drive one with full confidence.”
Yes, but when the “virus discovered in a lab” results in you or someone you love being dosed with a drug or vaccine that maims you or kills your family member, you damn well should want to get into “that factory where the car is made.”
But you can’t. They won’t let you…

⁣====== Big Pharma/Harma Medicine is Sorcery! ===================

Have you wondered why NO Politican will PUBLICALLY DECLARE that these JABS are an EVIL DEADLY BIO-WEAPON for the PURPOE of Genocide and CHAOS to usher in the New Worthless Order (NWO)?

It's because in Greek the word "pharmakeia" means "sorcery" ... And the Bible tells us that in the End Times that ALL NATIONS will be DECEIVED by the Sorcery of Big Pharma DRUGS. The DRUGS, especially these Genetic Code INJECTIONS are the MEANS to DESTROY God's Kingdom on earth and establish a NWO Antichrist Beast Kingdom for 7 years then God will REMOVE all the EVIL doers and Set up His RIGHTEOUS Millennium Kingdom for 1,000 years with Jesus Christ RULING and REIGNING on earth!

The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery (pharmakeia) all the nations were deceived. - Revelation 18:23

This is what is HAPPENING Now ... The NATIONS are under a POWER of Deception from Satan and is ALLOWING the EVIL of the NWO Kingdom to ADVANCE and it ALLOWS the Elite Luciferians to Boldly PROCALIM that the BIO-WEAPON MURDERING JABS are Beneficial when in FACT the JABS have ZERO Health Benefit but are in essense Satan SNAKE Venom POISON from the Bottomless PIT!

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.- Psalm 139:14

In CONTRAST to the Sorcey of Big Harma "SCIENCE" is God's word which DECLARES I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made ... I don't FEAR the World or the things in the World but the World. I am made in the image of God and have a reverent FEAR for my Creator God who has OVERCOME the World, the Flesh and the Devil!

These GOOD Doctors are trying to EXPOSE the EVIL of this JAB but they TOO are Deceived because they are SPEAKING at a New Age Great Awakening PRO-Trump Hopium Tour thinking the WARP Speed JAB-o-CIDE King will REPENT of his EVIL ways and lead America into RIGHEOUSNESS, FREEDOM and TRUTH.


This New Age Great Awakening is a STRONG Delusion from the DEVIL ... And the NEXT Deception from Trumple-Stills-CAN will be WORSE than this WARP Speed JAB-o-CIDE Deception! Trump says one thing and DOES another ... This is the DEFINITION of a LIAR. He has READ that DAMN Snake POEM enough times that people should BELIEVE him by now "I told you I was a SNAKE before you took me in". Don't take the Trump-CINE into your body, mind or SPIRIT!

Big Harma DRUGS, especially these mRNA Genetic Code Bio-WEAPON JABS are the MEANS to DECEIVE people by FEAR of a LIE-RUS Contagion to INJECT themselves with a Vaccine that is SAFE and Effective but these JABS are really DEATH by DIRECTED!

God has given us Herbs and Plants for our HEALING and these INCLUDE Aspirin, Penicillin and Ivermectin which are NATURAL medicines from God (Holistic Medicine). But Big Harma DRUGS are synethically made chemicals (Allopathic Medicine), some have benefit but for the most part they MASK the senses so people CAN'T fell PAIN or they MASK the symptoms of a disease while they cause another disease later down the ROAD. Big Harma is NOT in the business to restore and promote HEALTH but they are in the business to MASK symptoms of disease which provides a FAST FIX and yields a BIG PROFIT.

Vaccines have ABSOLUTELY NO Benefit to Health and these new mRNA Genetic Code BIO-Tech JABs are even more DANGEROUS than the previous Vaccines because they have the POTENTIAL to cause a person's body to make a FOREIGN protein that is a TOXIC in the BODY ... with no OFF Switch. And reverse Transcription in the CELL can cause the mRNA to be integrated into the person's DNA for future generations! The CRISPR Gene EDITING capaibily has some GREAT potential to correct corrupt DNA like that which causes Sickle Cell Anemia but this Technology is NOT in the hands of GOOD people but in the HANDS of Elite Luciferians!

=== The Contagion Myth === The TERRAIN is Everything (Bechamp) - The GERM is Nothing (Pasteur) ===


The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including "Coronavirus") Are Not the Cause of Disease (Copyright © 2020 by Thomas S. Cowan, MD, and Sally Fallon Morell)--- >

How Rockefeller founded modern medicine and killed natural cures (PDF) --->

Any doubt on the question of Trilateral Commission goals is answered by David Rockefeller himself, the founder of the TC, in his Memoirs (2003): “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History (PDF) --->

Can Ten Thousand Lies Hide One Truth? Pasteur (Germ Theory) vs. Béchamp (Terrain Theory) --->

========= Jesus said "You MUST be BORN AGAIN" ==========

CONVERGENCE - THE PERFECT PROPHETIC STORM IS BREWING! - Understanding the Times by Keegan --->


REAGAN’S Lion and Lamb Ministries PROPHETIC MANIFESTO of the Coming End Times JUDGEMENT and RETURN of Jesus (2013)
Transcript Part 1 --->
Watch Part 1 on YT --->
Transcript Part 2 --->
Watch Part 2 on YT --->

Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” - John 3:3

Watch "The Chosen" - Nicodemus meets Jesus - You Must Be Born Again! --->

You must be "born again" Spiritually to ENTER the Kingdom of Heaven, to be the BRIDE OF CHRIST! Salvation is by BIRTH not BEHAVIOR.


For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, - Romans 3:23

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16

The ABCs of Salvation explained by JD Farag -->
A - Admit your a sinner (Romans 3:23)
B - Believe Jesus is Lord (John 3:16)
C - Call upon His name (Romans 10:13)

The UDB's of Salvation explained on Rogersings website ---> ⁣
U – Understand that God is holy and God hates sin because sin has destroyed His world and your Self Indulgent Nature (SIN) separates you from knowing God's love for you, His wonderful plan for you and Eternal LIFE with Him.
D – Desire to be reconciled to God and saved from the eternal death sentence that you are under because you were born with a Self Indulgent Nature (SIN), a natural tendency to "suppress" the MORAL condemnation from God for FAILING to meet the Standard of God's PERFECT Righteouness. Your SIN also causes you to "promote" a Humanist form of Governance for peace, purpose and prosperity in this world which is IMPOSSIBLE and DEFIES God's PLAN and Purpose for man to RULE "under" God's AUTHORITY over the earth. Therefore "REPENT", which means to have a CHANGE of MIND concerning what you believe to be TRUE about the Disease of SIN that is working in you and your INABILITY to overcome it on your own.
B – Believe that Jesus died, was buried and rose from the grave proving He is the only begotten Son of God who will take away your SIN and give you Eternal Life with Him!

Dear Jesus,

I ask You to forgive me of my Self Indulgent Nature (SIN) ... which I was born with ... a NATURE that makes me think I can get through this world without You. I REPENT of my "I did it my way" attitude, which is REBELLION toward You and Your PLAN for me. I ask You to SAVE me from my SIN so I am NO Longer separated from You.

I believe that You, Jesus, are the Son God ... You are God in the FLESH. I believe You died on the cross for me and shed Your blood for me as the PAYMENT for my SIN and I believe that You rose from the grave on the third day to PROVE that EVERYTHING You SAID is TRUE! ⁣I RECEIVE You Jesus into my LIFE through Your HOLY Spirit so I am Spiritually BORN AGAIN. Thank You for saving my soul. Thank You for forgiving all my sins (past, present and future) and thank You for giving me Eternal Life and being IN me, never to FORSAKE me, EVER PRESENT to guide me, discipline me, comfort me and give me JOY! Amen

With your mind you BELIEVE
With your heart you RECEIVE
With your mouth you CONFESS
You're no longer DECEIVED!

Do you WANT to Know the TRUTH about what is going on in the world? This world and humanity is FALLEN and UNDER the CURSE of SIN. God has a WONDERFUL PLAN for you and for His Kingdom COME ... God doesn't want you to PERISH in SIN but to live in Christ and be BORN AGAIN! Listen to the Living word of God from the BOOK of John NKJV --->

Blessings to the Family of God - Jesus Only Y'all - JOY! - Rogersings

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Rogersings NWO News!
Rogersings NWO News! 1 month ago


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Rogersings NWO News!
Rogersings NWO News! 1 month ago

Has Russia Already Won? Is it “Game Over” for the Rockefeller Empire? ---> ⁣

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Phildela 1 month ago

Very good video, should go viral!

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PatriciaShaw 1 month ago

6e66er Johnson is full of the monkey pox always has been along with his Covid 19 BS propaganda.

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Purplegrapes 1 month ago

virology fraud

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02 Jul 2022
Learn Something New Today · 304 Views