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8 PhD's Write Open Letter Applauding Injection Refusers & Critical Thinking
03 Aug 2021
8 PhD's Write Open Letter Applauding Injection Refusers & Critical Thinking
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Credit, Appreciation & Huge Respect to The Red Pills Team ~ Exceptional work guys!!馃檹

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ArcadinaMeow 2 months ago

Well done. Their kids will at least know they were trying. Hopefully, those cops will sleep on it and awaken...

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ShermanDozer 2 months ago

Kill Gates and Black Rock/Vanguard are buying all land and houses they can. The same monsters, the Chosen Ones that did 9 11 are now the destroying us ! 鈦easing the WTC building complex 7 weeks
before 9-11 Larry Silverstein, jewish zionist Who wasn't there at 9 11 while he
was always there, mall owner? Frank Lowy, jewishzZionist Who authorized the
WTC's lease to Larry Silverstein? Lewis Eisenberg, jewish zionist Insisted on
privatization of the WTC complex before 9 11 Ronald
Lauder, Jewish zionist Who was supposedly aboard Device 11 that supposedly hit
the Pentagon? Daniel Lewin, jewish zionist Who was responsible for the security
of the WTC prior to 9 11 Jules Kroll and Jerom Hauer, Jewish Zionists How could
Israel take out US air defense on 9-11? Through a back door using software sold
by Israel to America through company PTech While the towers were still on fire,
who sat in a BBC studio and said, "It's bin Laden." Ehud Barak,
jewish Zionist Who immediately transported all 9 11 scrap to Asia? The Sims
group, Alan D. Ratner and Michael Chertoff, Jewish Zionists Which judge was
responsible for all 9 11 lawsuits? Alvin K. Hellerstein and Michael B. Mukasy,
Jewish Zionists Who was the official source for the US government on Islamic
terror? The Rita Katz group, jewish Zionist On 9 11, who met the Pakistani ISI and
9 11 financier Mahmoud Ahmad? Marc Grossman, Jewish Zionist Who was the air
traffic controller on 9 11 for the two planes that flew into the WTC and in
1999 when Egyptair flight 990 crashed? Pete Zalewski, Jewish Zionist The 5
Dancing Israelis, Jewish Zionists 9 11 was a good thing for Israel Bibi
Nethayahoo, Jewish zionist Which member said that an event like Pearl Harbor
had to take place to strengthen Israel's hegemony? Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Jewish
zionist Who wrote the pnac study "Rebuilding America's defenses and also
called the loudest for a new Pearl Harbor to affirm Israel's hegemony ambitions
!? Philip Zelikow, Jewish zionist Who was the cousin of the alleged terrorist /
hijacker Ziad Al-Jarrah? Mossad veteran Ali Al-Jarrah Who was convicted of lying
to Congress during Iran counter-scandal and was later appointed NSC adviser?
Eliot Abrams, Jewish zionist During the Bush era, who lied about weapons of
mass destruction in Iraq? Rabbi Ari Fleischer, jewish Zionist Who was the
architect of the American war in Iraq? Richard Pearl aka the Prince of
Darkness, jewish zionist

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freeman59 2 months ago

Why are you harassing these poor police officers? Do you not know how busy they are trying to keep us all safe? They have old ladies to beat up, Piers Corbyn to arrest, (again), small business owners to bully, and then theres all the tik-tok videos to record, the gay pride marches to attend and taking to their knees at the blm protests. For fucks sake lads give young pc brainwashed snowflake a break. It's only a bit of trivial mass murder and genocide that our illustrious leaders are guilty of after all. I mean it's not like it's the crime of the century or anything is it? Fucking thick spineless useless cunts, (the police I mean - not you lads). The dogs got bigger balls than all the fuckwit jobsworths in that station.

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XanderWilliams 2 months ago

Exceptionally well put - feeman59: the police are a fucking disgrace!

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Berryblast300 2 months ago

the UK as more balls than the USA 馃嚭馃嚫 馃挃

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boptah 2 months ago

Well done guys.

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8 PhD's Write Open Letter Applauding Injection Refusers & Critical Thinking
03 Aug 2021
8 PhD's Write Open Letter Applauding Injection Refusers & Critical Thinking
robthehook 340 Views