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Colette Testimony - My mum died in a care home from end of life care not covid 1080px

783 Views - Published on 09 Sep, 2021
⁣Colette’s mum died in a care home in Glasgow, Scotland after being put on end of life care which included Midazolam. Her death certificate stated above her pre existing conditions that she died of covid despite her not being tested or having the typical covid symptoms.

“Despite the fact that what she clearly died of was malnutrition and an overdose, covid was put as the cause of death so her death then went to the tally of covid deaths when clearly she died of an overdose from an end of life care package. I hate that term end of life care package because there’s no caring. No caring whatsoever in what happened.

I feel like this is murder and I feel like it’s premeditated murder because all the end of life packages were pre ordered and as we were being put into lockdown being told it was to protect our old people, people like my mum were being put on end of life care packages and people over the age of 65 were being turned away from covid hubs and turned away from medical treatment

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