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srmgin 02 Aug 2021
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Death By Covid. Tragic!
20 Sep 2021
Death By Covid. Tragic!
srmgin · 194 Views

Tyrant's covid playbook ripped apart - from Summer or Autumn 2020


⁣We all knew it but this guy presents it so well and of course has been right.........

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Phi46 2 months ago

⁣A very clear and well presented scientific report on the experimental COVID VACCINES – Necessity, Efficacy and Safety (Doctors for Covid Ethics):

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GrahamWelsh 2 months ago

Yes, The persecution and bull shit never ends
Simple really, just scare the shit out of the non thinking sheep and wait for the butcher to attive

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Stellatender 2 months ago

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BillHoward 2 months ago


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willj98 2 months ago

@BillHoward: Nobody is going to read all of this shit

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PatriciaShaw 2 months ago

This satanic plandemic bunch of evil freaks that are pushing their evil adgenda with their depopulation jabs, will wish they hadn't been born at all, their time on this planet is getting near the end , they have outstayed their welcome.

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Death By Covid. Tragic!
20 Sep 2021
Death By Covid. Tragic!
srmgin · 194 Views