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hugotalks 14 May 2021
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Funeral Director talks inflated COVID deaths and vaccine con
27 Nov 2021
Funeral Director talks inflated COVID deaths and vaccine con
JohnOLooneyMKFFS · 3 Views

Tyrants Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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6 months ago


Barbara Bushes mother dated Aleister Crowley & Barbara was born a few months after their affair =

⁣Mrs. Bush – Or Ms. Crowley?

WHICH one was her father ? =

the bushes (real name sfherffs), sacrificed their daughter (her death @ 3, great indicator).

⁣Pauline Robinson "Robin" Bush (December 20, 1949 – October 11, 1953)

EVERYONE ON THE WORLDSSTAGE SEEM TO LOSE A CHILD or they are born with some horrible disease or they are raising it as the opposite gender=

jz, travolta, Mike Tyson, Bobbi brown, ⁣charlize theron, ⁣Liev Schreiber, manic Johnson, dwayne wade, Cher, bill cosby, gloria Vanderbilt, Bing Crosby,

the descendents of Cain =

⁣celebrity parents raising gender non-binary and transgender kids

⁣Celebrity Parents Who Are Raising Their Kids in a Gender-Fluid Environment

⁣Boys In Dresses: 20 Celeb Parents Who Threw Gender Norms Out The Window

P.S. It's More than 20.

⁣Does it matter if boys want to dress like princesses and girls want to wear a suit and tie? These stars don't seem to think so.

'This HAS been going on for a long time'

'Actors are liars that are always ACTING'. = They Are All in it Together.

⁣When Hollywood Studios Married Off Gay Stars to Keep Their Sexuality a Secret

⁣Saville Crawley (1761 - 1845) - Genealogy


⁣Aleister Crowley 101

⁣SHOCK CLAIM: Jimmy Savile ‘occultist WITCH who worshipped satanist Aleister Crowley'

⁣Paul The Undead & The Old Agenda of Social Engineering

⁣ARCHONS, OVERLORDS & MAGICK: Occult MI6, British Intelligence and Black Magician Aleister Crowley

⁣Jimmy Savile ‘occultist WITCH who worshipped satanist Aleister Crowley’

P. S. the fake German (British royals), the bushes, Robert Pattinson & many others descended from vlad the impaled =

⁣New Record of Dracula – Vlad the Impaler Descendants!

⁣Prince Charles is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler and now he could become Prince of Transylvania

⁣Dracula's Bloodline

⁣Alex Jones: The Royal Family are descendants of Vlad the Impaler

⁣Prince Charles - “I'm descended from Vlad the Impaler...”

⁣Prince Charles Descendant Of Vlad the Impaler and Many Others

⁣The Bush Family Tree, Related To Vlad The Impaler

⁣Obama, Cheney, Bush, Kerry, and Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula

⁣The Creepy Similarities Between George W. Bush and Vlad the Impaler

The scherffs (bushes)

⁣Fall of the Cabal Revelations: Meet the Scherffs [Bush] + Meet the Hitlers [Obama] - Robert Potter

I don't so much prescribe to the alien shit (aliens ARE demons) crowleys drawing of entity he satanically conjured = ,

⁣but everything else is spot on.

⁣The Nixon-Bush Connection Runs Deeper Than You Know

⁣In Memoriam: George H. Scherff Jr. aka George HW Bush Sr.

⁣Members of the Jeffrey Epstein 'we are all in this together' pedophile planned-demic worldstage performers.

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HelenaHandbasket 6 months ago


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6 months ago

⁣Kay Griggs Interview (1998)

Kay Griggs Explains Steve Kerrs Dad's Murder by her Husband's ✡"Wet Ops" Intelligence Team

Kay Griggs - German Jewish Paedophile *Henry Kissinger was involved in 5 gay rapes

* satans minions love boogers =

Kissinger eating buggers

Jennifer Lopez ca never get enough of boogers =

her favo4ire dessert =

Anthony Bourdain Really, Really Hated Henry Kissinger

Colonel's wife testifies against him in child porn case

America Was Built on Corruption

Covert operations: How the CIA works with Hollywood - Listening Post (Feature)

SPECIAL REPORT: Inside Joe Biden's corruption scandal and the social media cover-up

Savings and Loan Scandal: Taxpayer Bailout

How Politics & Money Destroyed America's Banking System: Savings & Loan Scandal (1989)


The Washington Times, June 29, 1989 (Front page story)
Homosexual prositution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush
'Call Boys' took midnight tour of White House

Conspiracy of Silence 1993

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6 months ago

⁣⁣The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America

⁣When Europeans Were Slaves: Research Suggests White Slavery Was Much More Common Than Previously Believed

⁣Were more whites slaves brought to North Africa than black slaves were brought to the United States?

⁣Were Irish people the “first slaves in America”?

⁣Famous British Historian Claims Benjamin Franklin WasA British Spy

By Richard Deacon, author of "A History of the British SecretService," as told to Tom McMorrow.

⁣George Washington and his "White Slaves" / Indentured in the Mt Vernon Plantation / Truth

⁣The Truth about Benjamin Franklin - The Runaway Indentured Servant / The history you were never told

⁣The Truth about Abraham Lincoln // The Runaway Indentured Servant Colored Man

⁣The Story of William Ellison / Wealthiest Plantation Owner in South Carolina / Free Person of Color

⁣Alexander Hamilton The Swarthy West Indian

⁣Swarthy Europe and its Aboriginal Inhabitants

⁣PT 2 - Swarthy Europe and its Aboriginal Inhabitants

⁣PT 3 - Swarthy Europe and its Aboriginal Inhabitants, /Ancient Colored Europeans/Whitewashed History

⁣Negros were the Native Americans - Slave in your own house. Roman Jew Colony in America 700AD

⁣Right Orientation # 4 - Operation Dominic/Fishbowl/High Jump/Admiral Byrd/Ice Wall

Obama, who I voted for twice is a lying fraud & should be an embarrassment to ALL DECENT HUMANS = Denied who his real biological father was the late Communist Party activist Frank Marshall Davis to become president =

P.S. I am still waiting for the hope & change that I can believe in & I am not referring to Michele being a man.

P.S. 2 Michelle Is a man.

Q is for the Queen's QinetiQ - Coronavirus Patent - Huge Discovery

Queen Elizabeth - Enemy #1 of Humanity

Presidents, Popes, Queen, Elite Illuminati Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice

satanic sodomites SUCK !

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6 months ago

These are the murderous descendants of the parasires that MURDERED The Old World = Over a BILLION GENOCIDED since 1812, over 300 MILLION in the Americas alone = There were HUNANS here already & they did it like they are doing Palestine, how they did Armenia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc., etc., etc.

⁣The satanic sodomite parasites have been doing scam-⁣demics for @ least 200+ years.

They MURDERED THE OLD WORLD & Filled their factories with children & began a new world of lies.

⁣Hijacker - The Missing History of Mudfloods and the Tartarian Empire

⁣America 1600's - Castles, Tartarian Buildings and Star Forts


⁣Ancient Maps: What They Tell Us of the Disappearance of the Great Tartarian Empire

⁣Mud Flood, Reset & Tartarian Architecture from across the World | Tartaria

⁣Question the Narrative | Reset, Mudflood, and Tartaria 101

⁣The 19th Century Mud flood (full length)

⁣Mud Flood, Giants, Castles, War and Destruction 1502

⁣After 1812 Reset, Church commandeers Antiqui'tech Buildings

⁣Tartaria explained. Hebrews/Indians/African Americans

⁣Little People in a GIANTS WORLD ...Giants exterminated in the Mudflood ...what was it like before?

⁣Rare Max Igan/thecrowhouse Interviews

⁣Mud Floods The Untold Story About Our History

⁣Mystery History #4 giants tartaria flood mudflood hidden history

⁣Magyar, the Atlantean language Hungarian language ⁣Max Igan

⁣Orphan Trains and The Best Interest of the Child | By Richard P. Holm, MD

⁣The Orphan Trains Of 19th-Century America

⁣The Orphan Train Era: Why was there an Orphan Train?

⁣Question the Narrative | Mudfloods and Underground Tunnels??

⁣Tartaria and the Orphan Train

⁣The White Child Slaves ~ The Orphan Train


The VaX WatchMan ! some timeless quotes in an 1888 book ! Remember, We are PERFECT ! Nothin Beats Herbs

FREE Multi Format DOWNLOAD =

⁣ The Vaccine Watchman 1888 by Stokes, W. D

They are 'PEDOPHILE, PEDEVORE, CANNIBAL PROTECTORS' & many of them, along with scotland yard, partake in british inbred satanic worship & promotion =


⁣The Vatican, The British Royals, and the Global Pedophile Ring Unleash the Coronavirus

⁣Pedophiles Rule the World

⁣Pedophilia a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite

⁣60 Minutes on the Worldwide Pedophile Network

nicole kidmans father = ⁣The Sad Truth About Nicole Kidman's Father

⁣Nicole Kidman’s Father: Satanist, Silenced by His Own Ninth Circle Satanic Cult

⁣Nicole Kidman’s Father Suddenly Dies While Fleeing PEDOPHILE, CHILD SACRIFICE CULT Charges

⁣EXCLUSIVE: Police scrapped paedophile investigation into Cyril Smith & others

⁣a brief history of elite pedophilia

⁣When British Royals Are Pedophiles, It’s Called Peccadilloes

⁣SHADOWLAND’s Occult Pedophile Elite Are TERRIFIED That Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Will Unearth Secrets They Hoped They Had Sent With Epstein To His Grave

⁣List of acknowledged pedophilia elites

⁣Paedophile ring busted in UK

⁣List of Famous Satanists, Pedophiles and Mind Controllers

⁣The Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult

⁣Here's How Child Abuse Scandal & Grooming Allegations Against French Writer Were Ignored For Decades

⁣Anneke Lucas: I Was a Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6 (SEQUEL-PART 1) (Human Trafficking)

⁣Teresa's escape from brutal 'satanic cult' and bizarre rituals (1989) | 60 Minutes Australia

⁣Model Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring Found Dead After Tweet Predicting She’d Be Killed

⁣People Who Kept Jeffrey Epstein's Pedophilia Secret (Vanity Fair)

⁣Ex-British Prime Minister Named in Pedophilia Investigation

⁣England: Land of Royals, Tea and Horrific Pedophilia Coverups

In the United States the ⁣pornographer hugh hefner (Bill Cosbys best friend), ran a Jeffrey Epsteinlike blackmail operation, out of the playboy mansion & when he died tunnels were found leading from the grotto underneath the mansion to Jack Nicholsons, Warren Beatys & Michael Douglas's mansions.

& what a coincidence that Herman Cain, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby & others were all accused by the same women ?

All controlled within the illuminati beast system & when you fall out of favor with them, they unleash the women or men with rap allegations against you, or you end up hanging from a red belt, scarf or rope & how can anyone hang themselves from a doorknob ?

& how is it that everyone in hollywood, sports& entertainment is raising their children as the opposite gender of which they were born ?


All members of the Jeffrey Epstein 'we are all in this together' pedophile planned-demic worldstage performers.

⁣⁣ Free Download = Various different Formats

Blood Passover by Ariel Toaff

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory

⁣Human Meat at McDonalds?

⁣HOW BITE THAT? McDonald’s sorry after customer found ‘fragments of human teeth’ in his McMuffin

Alledged Sacrificed Human Meat Found in McDonalds & Proof of Their Satanic Bloodline

⁣Human Meat Found In This McDonald’s Meat Factory

⁣5-Year-Old Finds Human Finger In His McDonald’s Happy Meal

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SheenaX 6 months ago

Anyone standing for lsrahell is a paid puppet slave of 1% satanic nazi zionist khazar pish. Meanwhile people globally are marching in resistance for Palestine justice against genocide and treason.

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Funeral Director talks inflated COVID deaths and vaccine con
27 Nov 2021
Funeral Director talks inflated COVID deaths and vaccine con
JohnOLooneyMKFFS · 3 Views