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Dez1000 05 Aug 2021

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We must save the children! DONT JABB THEM!!
25 Jun 2022
We must save the children! DONT JABB THEM!!
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Vatican From Rome Fryer Vaxxine Advice What We Must Do



⁣Vatican From Rome Fryer Vaxxine Advice What We Must Do

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Caerus 11 months ago

Would disagree about the infectivity though. Vaccine shedding is a very real and known phenomenon and the anecdotal evidence for it is already overwhelming.

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Dez1000 11 months ago

⁣Fritz_Freud wow thanks for all the info

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Dynamo 11 months ago

So..............are you supposed to produce a birth certificat to view this?????/ if so too bad!

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Fritz Freud
Fritz Freud 11 months ago

⁣⁣I make it simple for you :
Klaus Schwab Warren Buffer Evelyn Rothschild
Bill Gates Bush Family all had on 9/11 2001 a special arranged breakfast
either with their Rabbi's or were at Offut Air Base command.
Ann Tatlock, the CEO of Fiduciary Trust Co. International was the most lucky
person. Now what made Mrs. Tatlock such
a lucky person? Mrs. Tatlock not only
works in the World Trade Center, but her offices were right where Flight 175
crashed into the South WTC Tower.
Other people would say that they planted bombs there where Anne Tatlock worked.
Fiduciary Trust just so happened to be running an emergency drill on 9/11.

All the same players are at it again with the Corona scam. The same people!!!

Corona is just a smokescreen to inject you with a technology called
"Neural Lace" that has been developed by Klaus Schwab Elon Musk
Harvard DARPA and the Wyss foundation.
The Wyss foundation directly leads to Klaus Schwab.
Neural Lace are self assembling programmable Nanobots that enable your body to
be controlled against your will.
They form together with Neural Link Starlink and Boston Dynamics an AI
Infrastructure where you be the hunted and a chosen few control the 99%.
It is nothing less than Hitler on steroids.
The Chip inside these human hunting robots is made by Freescale semiconductorh
owned (after he killed all the others) BY A CERTAIN ROTTENCHILD.

This is a call to arms this is war. Stand up and be counted!

⁣The magnetic effect that some show is the result of self assembling nanoparticles that use magnetism to self assemble. This is done by polarizing certain areas positive / negative.
The more assemble in a chain the greater the electric current flow and the stronger the magnetic field. This is why the magnetic field grows stronger in time.
This is all part of a diabolical plan involving: Neural Lace, Neuralink, Starlink, SpaceX, Boston Dynamics and Freescale Semiconductor

Neural Lace:
This technology is inside the so called "Vax" injections.
Elon Musk himself told that this is a "Layer" to access the Brain and connect it to NeuralLink.
The nanoparticles forming a web around your brain so that it can pick up brainwaves and also send wave information to the brain it works both ways.
It uses similar technology like an EEG (Electroencephalography) and the PSI helmets of the Aum Shinrikyo sect.

Neural Link picks up the Frequencies from NeuraLLace and amplifies them.
It is the chip inside your brain as promised by the Rockafella skunks and Aaron Russo.
It also translates them into useful data.
It also acts like a sender to program the brain.
And it connects the brain to the Starlink 5G network so you can be remotely controlled.

Starlink are over 40.000 satellites beaming down 5G.
It also may act as a weather manipulation system like haarp.
This technology is identical to an active denial system used for crowd control.
The only difference is energy input and output.
If the energy input is great enough it can even be deadly.
And since this are directional antennas meaning you can direct the output of many into one spot it really is not far away from Nikola Tesla's death ray it may even be much worse.
The Covid 1.5m "safety" distance is needed for identification by the system to personally identify you.
Starlink is the backbone of the coming AI war because of the amount of data bandwidth needed.
It must never be allowed to be completed.

Delivery system for Starlink.
Also they may build a "city in the sky" just like "Elysium" planning their own escape from the planet they plan to destroy.
If you fly drones into their airspace they have to abort and it slows down their deployment.
Starlink must never be allowed to be completed.

Boston Dynamics
A DARPA subsidiary sold to Elon Musk who owns all the above and builds autonomous robots.
One is called "Atlas" and it may remind you of some movie, I assure you it ain't.
They are already deploying DARPA Robot "dogs" everywhere.
What they have in store is worse, much worse.
From autonomus drones to AI killer robots, and they have factories without any human they are called Gigafactories.
All belong to evil Elon Musk.
And they are building at warp speed.

Freescale Semiconductor
Freescale Semiconductor builds chips for AI warfare.
This is the chip used inside the AI robots to connect to the digital battlefield in which you are the hunted, the prey.
On flight MH-370 there were over 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor on board.
Four of them had their name on a patent for a new chip to revolutionize AI warfare.
With their death the sole holder of this patent became Jacob Rothschild.
Warren Buffet Richard Branson Klaus Schwab Bill Gates George Soros Elon Musk Rockefeller Rothschild Kissinger these are behind it they prepare the AI war that soon will come if you do not stand up and be counted.
This ain't a game.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Educate yourself and share this information.
Starlink must never be allowed to be completed.

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11 months ago

Equating a man jumping off a cliff with someone who is not medically expertly trained or informed, and who has been LIED to, is a cheap get out clause. Your "god" does NOT exist and YOU are not even recognised by a church and are probably a pedophile.
However, everything else he says is true.

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We must save the children! DONT JABB THEM!!
25 Jun 2022
We must save the children! DONT JABB THEM!!
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