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Chaka 25 Jan 2021
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Feminism And Jews
16 Jun 2021
Feminism And Jews

Violation of lockdown _ Orthodox Jews clash with police in Israel


⁣Clashes broke out and arrests were made in three Israeli cities as police moved in to shut down yeshiva religious schools that opened for students despite the coronavirus lockdown. In Jerusalem, water cannons were also deployed.

On Sunday morning, hundreds of Orthodox believers gathered to defend the yeshiva in Jerusalem’s neighborhood of Mea Shearim, a Haredi stronghold in the city. Religious schools that teach the Talmud and the Torah sacred texts are scheduled to open for in-person studies this week, which contradicts the restrictions by the government of PM Benjamin Netanyahu.


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armin3 5 months ago

They have the biggest amount of people being vaccinated and yet they are closing whole country in between travel as well, still wearing masks, governments around the world obviously don't think that even those who are pro lockdown, pro wax, they will snap and go out for protests, after they obeyd blindly all their measurements, received vaccine and still things are getting worse.

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rosscoopersred 5 months ago

OMG Im siding with Israhell ashkenazi kahzar scumbags. F tyrant police filth.

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5 months ago

so you go to tyrant Israel why dont you join antifa they're just as tyrant as Israel

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16 Jun 2021
Feminism And Jews