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alladin123 16 Jun 2021
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25 Jul 2021
HerbalGurl · 201 Views

WATER WARS- Manufactured Drought to cause Food Shortages,


Whoever controls the water contros the world ,

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NappieMcNapface 1 month ago

Anyone who starts a well-drilling business now will be in high demand. There is clean, fresh water under all land and sea. Wells are the solution to every single drought. Not only that but we know they have the ability to seed clouds and make torrential rain like they did in the '60s in Vietnam to slow down enemy troops and kill village crops.

And now we have cloud making tech (we can watch it happen on radar or goes east NOAA apps, especially in front of the hurricanes they create), so there is absolutely ZERO reason for any drought - anywhere. This is deliberate and easily stopped if people would just do their homework and shake it into the faces of the liars.

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1 month ago

⁣They control the Weather & have since the late 1940's

They Are Creating the CHAOS =

⁣List of 100 US Patents Related to Weather Modification

⁣Geoengineering and Weather Modification Patents

Satellites have NOTHING to do with phones or GPS =

⁣Weather modification by artificial satellites

⁣Weather modification method ⁣

⁣Weather Control Patents (Class 239/14.1)

⁣Extensive List of PATENTS

⁣HAARP: Weather Control

⁣CHEMTRAILS or Geoengineering; Patents for spraying the atmosphere: Extensive List of Patents

200 years ago there was 2 years without a Summer & MILLIONS died =

⁣Year Without a Summer

⁣The Year Without a Summer Was a Bizarre Weather Disaster in 1816

⁣The Year Without a Summer
A Volcanic Eruption Brings About Snow, Sleet, and Frost

Please don't let the title mislead you, it was the whole Northern Hemisphere

⁣The Year Canada Didn’t Have a Summer

⁣200 years ago, we endured a 'year without a summer'

⁣1816: The Year Without a Summer


⁣Year Without a Summer - Harvard University

The Planet of the Humans - FULL Documentary

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HerbGreen 1 month ago

The "Year Without a Summer," 1816, was most likely caused by an increasing amount of volcanic activity over the 3-5 year period prior to Mt Tambora's mega eruption. The ash/smoke/debris cloud blocked out the sun in the northern hemisphere for two years. Some people are saying we are due for a nasty round of this 200 year solar cycle. Things might get dicier. In the meantime, the tyrant of California, and his sheisty court of jesters needs to be removed from our state house immediately. I live in Northern California, downstream from Oroville. If that spillway would have failed, the entire dam would have crumbled in a mere 45 seconds. Where I am, we would've had about 25-30 minutes before the Sacramento River levees would have been breached before my neighborhood, and the entire city of Sacramento would have been inubdated. Two ago ALL OF OUR RESERVOIRS were well above capacity. We should have been good for a minimum of 5 years. People around the world need to collectively remove their head from wherever they have it buried and take a comprhensive look around, and get to know the reality of this time we are currently experiencing. The Tell-a-Vision will tell you that we flooded the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the Vietnam War. Hell, Forest Gump showed us that. That really happened! Yet, a solid chunk of our population still thinks that's a conspiracy theory. FFS. TURN OFF THE TELL-A-VISION, PEOPLE! You're getting about 15% truth from that brainwash box. The other 85% of the time you're subjecting yourself to their mind framing programming. Each half hour to one hour segment is called a program for a reason. You are being fed misleading info to and lies in order to get you to think a certain way and act a certain way. You need to free your mind from their frame and liberate your thoughts beyond that box. The current state of the art of the technology they let us consume is at least 50-100 years behind the actual state of the art. Just ponder these two facts. 1) The motor Elon Musk is utilizing in his electric vehicles was invented in 1883, and patented in 1888, by Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla invented the Multi-Stage Induction Motor almost 140 yeqars ago! People think that's the new hot shit. 2) We had GPS at the end of WWII. That's right, Sputnik was not the first satellite in orbit. Werner Von Braun (the man that headed up NASA in the beginning, developed guided V2 rockets (missiles) for The Nazis. Bonus fact, guys like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown made breakthroughs in the field of Electro-Gravitics/Electro-Kinetics (Anti-Gravity Technology) prior to 1930. The Nazis were already working on the 3rd Generation of their anti-gravity vehicles. Look up Nazi Bell (Der Glockte) and Haunebu. After you get done having yourmind blown, and your cognitive dissonance shattered, look up the Horton Brothers. Nazis had stealth tech too. You may think you're "woke." That's great and all, but you must've fallen back asleep after you got woken up. Now it's time to WAKE UP for real. TURN THE TELL-A-VISION OFF and start making your way through the rabbit hole toward the red pill, and do it fast. I don't know if you've noticed the time, but we're about a minute away from midnight. Once that clock strikes 12 it's pumpkin time for the human race. BTW... Thanks for taking the time to put the links togetrher. Some good stuff (everyone needs to know) there. If you just copied and pasted from someone else's vid description, thanks for doing that. Well, What are you waiting for, people? Start clicking those links. And don't stop until you have at least one full page (front and back) filled with questions. Once you have those questions in hand, start looking for the answers. Start asking people around you, and sharing what you learn. We, The People, won't be able to begin to know what to do about our problem until we all know that there is a huge problem, and what that problem really is. MadluvPeople. We can do this. Everyone needs to just drop the bs differences prescribed to us all and start helping each other

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CuriosCT 1 month ago

Time to get into the garden if you are fortunate enough. Buy a water butt if you can and a composter would be useful. I'm going to miss that lawn.

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25 Jul 2021
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