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Dr Zac Cox
Dr Zac Cox 18 Oct 2020
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Robert F  Kennedy Jr  Demo 29 08 20   #Berlin
24 Oct 2020
Robert F Kennedy Jr Demo 29 08 20 #Berlin
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WDA Berlin 10-10-20 Elke De Klerk


⁣WDA Berlin 10-10-20 Elke De Klerk

"There is no reason to panic"

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The World Doctors Alliance is:

⁣An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses,
healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in
the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a
view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to
re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical
wellbeing for all humanity.

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shiftintohigh 4 days ago


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crustulampura 5 days ago

Thank you to BNT for the notification. 😘 Thank you to all of the brave men & women speaking up. I signed the open letter. 👍🏻👏🏻💪🏻

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Smartie1974 5 days ago

brilliant to see this, I wish you all the best with this lawsuit I hope this is the start of ending this mess / flu

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Stbenn 5 days ago

Tears of joy, like listening to an Angel (one of the good ones).

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romanticdance 5 days ago

⁣Kids are entirely immune to this scam Flu. So why should they be masked? There is another reason, it's social engineering, to isolate people and start with the kids. Any tyrant state isolates people to reprogram the crowd. It's the illusion of the one solution conform the "party". They have known from the start that this PCR test is crap, but it's so easy to be used for a fear campaign and to lock up the entire world in a absolutely insane manner. This was not rational at all, no, it targets basic instincts, fear and anxiety, panic, not fighting for your life or freedom, no, hiding and freezing in you homes. To totally control your behavior. To spy on you around the clock. It's the red book of the new Mao. Politics are rabiate scoundrels who pretend to be informed by science, but they follow their orders and agenda straight opposite your rights and health. Masks are dirty, filthy objects with no protection at all against any virus, on the contrary, they are breeding places to be avoided at any price. They also increase the spread of viruses. But it's reluctant that finally medics speak out about this scam on professional grounds. They all knew it, but the NWO and the WHO are corrupted to the bone and have created a mass hysteria, together with the presstitutes and politics. The planet is turned in a locked down prison. No other illness has ever been "treated" with a lockdown. There are far more dangerous diseases with far more casualties no one speaks about, it's Covid around the clock fear-porn. More people have died and will die because of these idiotic measures. You are not even allowed to protest against these new Gestapo's. Covid is a common Flu used to install the Nazi's of the NWO. Those who direct the circus are descendants of Nazi's. Don't forget that the EU is the product of neo Nazi's. All they want is to control the world from the top of their empire on the pyramid. The Covid fatality rate is very low and how would we be able to even proof if a test does not exist to identify any virus? We don't need a vaccine against the Baron Von Munchhausen by proxy syndrome. We need common sense. No vaccine ever solved the yearly Flu. no vaccine will ever end the Covid hysteria. Now it's the Flu season, but no doubt, it will be labeled Covid. Politicians cry out "success" even by destroying economy and ruining your business. Lowering the fake tests will be the political thermometer of their "success". Fever will be their panic button. The "success" was their global hysteria funding.
There are no overall deathrate increments, tells you something. Fatality rate of Covid is downgraded to about 0.004 %. Your chances to be struck by lightning would be higher. You won't be allowed to travel or having fun and holidays without their poison vaccine and the Covid ID card and nanobots in your body. Remember, they use genetically manipulated cells in vaccines, who could reproduce unlimited without apoptosis. That is the exact definition of cancercels.
Any vaccine is unavoidable contaminated with other germs and viruses.

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Robert F  Kennedy Jr  Demo 29 08 20   #Berlin
24 Oct 2020
Robert F Kennedy Jr Demo 29 08 20 #Berlin
ACU2020 · 1 Views