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Englands Avalanche Continues They are Complicit if they do NOT Assist
19 Jan 2022
Englands Avalanche Continues They are Complicit if they do NOT Assist
Seeking The Truth · 3 Views



⁣When I first saw the sickening xmas ad put out this year by tesco, it infuriated me & I know for a fact it did a few other people too! 👇👇👇

At first, I just did a quick search… But pretty much immediately, was further sickened by what I found & after looking just a little deeper, it was pretty clear what & more importantly who, were behind this shitty tv ad!
(I don't even watch tv & it still found it's way to me!)

That's how this video came about...

I have not included even half of the info, the endless connections, companies & Tyrants that i came across because the video would have gone on for hours!!

Which is why I ask you to look further into these "controllers" calling themselves companies... Companies we hand over our hard earned cash to that make billions of pounds in profit, each year!! (look into their profit margains) & they dare to implement this shit on us... their customers!!🤬

Any day now these companies are going to withold food & essentials from us unless we take the jab that they have fucking shares in!!!

Also look into all the other companies they own... Local shops... Londis is one & it is so they have us at every turn!

We need to start opening shops within our communities...
Shop's who will not hold us to ransom in order to feed our families!!

This is just one supermarket, I have no doubt whatsoever, that the majority of the other "leading" (greedy) supermarkets will have some interesting info worth a video too.... That would be a whole other & much longer video I'm sure!!

To watch the video mentioned 👇

⁣Anyone who wishes to take the time to complain to ofcom and directly to Tesco, sharing your opinions.

Tesco head office address and complaints phone number below:

Tesco House
Shire Park
Kestrel Way
Welwyn Garden City

+44-800-505555 or 0330 123 4055
You could also hit the link here to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority:
It’s super easy to do, it’ll take you 2 minutes and will make a massive difference.
The politicisation of Santa, Xmas and the Vax Pass goes against advertising standards, in its basic form, not to mention promoting medical discrimination. 🤬
A record number of complaints logged with the ASA will force the MSM to cover the story and give us a chance to talk about our viewpoint.

They say “every little helps”…
Well, let’s show them ‘We the people’ collectively ain’t so little…


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WrightC 2 months ago

Top job. Wow, never knew Tesco and probably other big supermarkets are associated with big pharma, scary sh*t. Stay strong people.

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I am in the USA, I dont even know what a Tesco is. I guess it's like a walmart?

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MIXMASTERMURF 2 months ago

stopped shopping there ages ago. They never paid their taxes and prolly still dont. When a (((company))) like this gets away with something as big as that then you know they are not cut from the same cloth

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trevwogstar 2 months ago

most of our food is gmo anyway...i've seen injection marks in the meat from aldi and iceland..unless u live on a farm growing organic..which isn't really organic because they been spraying on us everywhere heavy metals for to boycott tesco u have to boycott them all...if u don't know that the 1% own everything and control everything then u fighting a losing battle and wasting ur time...just making memories b4 it all goes to shit..we all die at some point so why waste tim

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jonesboy63 2 months ago

We need to look into all the new BILLIONAIRES and their shares portfolios , not to forget our policy makers and politicians of course !! , follow the money will no doubt lead to our usual friends the dots are all connected to the CRIMINAL CABAL .....

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Englands Avalanche Continues They are Complicit if they do NOT Assist
Seeking The Truth · 3 Views