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phil Richards
phil Richards 15 Mar 2021
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20 Jun 2021
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Why 500 TRILLION $ Rich Rothschilds are NOT on Forbes Richest People List


⁣I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

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phil Richards
phil Richards 3 months ago

⁣I highly recommend reading, Plague of corruption by Judy Mikovits.

The following is from Eric Jon Phelps:

The Vatican, with its Sovereign Military Order
of Malta, has created or mutated many viruses that have been
used for the systematic annihilation of the “heretic and liberal”
American people. The Knights, with their former Nazis, CIA and drug
companies, created the Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) causing
the present Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) epidemic.
That virus is in every hepatitis B vaccine administered by the
medical inquisitors—the AMA! We read from Emerging Viruses: AIDS
and Ebola by the brilliant Len Horowitz: “Though polio
vaccines are also suspected of transmitting HIV-1 and other
viruses, the unique epidemiology, and concurrent outbreaks of AIDS
in New York City and Central Africa, appears to coincide more
closely with the administration of experimental hepatitis B
vaccines than with either the Salk or Sabin vaccines.”

Since the 1930s, during the tyranny of Masonic
FDR, the Jesuit Conspiracy against the health of Protestant
America has greatly advanced. The true cures for viral diseases
were heavily suppressed. Those cures were primarily oxygen-ozone,
light with color, ultra-violet blood irradiation (so ably explained
by Dr. William Campbell Douglas in his Into the
Light {18} and Kenneth J. Dillon’s Healing
Photons: The Science and Art of Blood Irradiation Therapy
{19} ) and direct current frequency generators using both
photons and electrons. The use of medical grade ozone, Royal
Rife’s photon/frequency machine, Emmett Knott’s blood
irradiator and Darius Dinshah’s light-color therapy
(“Spectro-Chrome”) were all violently suppressed. The use of
medical grade colloidal silver was discontinued and all non-drug
remedies were forced underground. And why? Because these treatments
address the true causes of chronic disease. Of these causes,
Dr. William H. Philpott tells us:
“The oxidoreductase enzymes are necessary to
produce biological life energy by oxidation phosphorylation
producing ATP and oxidation remnant negative poled
magnetism. The biological life energy consists of enzyme
catalytic production of: (a) adenosine triphosphate (ATP), (b)
oxidative remnant magnetism (a negative magnetic field).
This oxidation/reduction enzymatic response is dependent upon
alkalinity and molecular oxygen (alkalinehyperoxia) .
. .
This oxidoreductase family of enzymes is
alkaline-hyperoxic-negative (southseeking) magnetic field
activation dependent. When these 3 physiologically normal factors
are not present, then cellular ATP is made by fermentation.
The 3 factors necessary for fermentation to produce ATP are: 1)
acidity, 2) lack of oxygen, 3) a positive
(north-seeking) static magnetic field as an enzyme energy
activator. Human cells have the capacity to make ATP be either
phosphorylation or fermentation . . .
ATP made by fermentation with its acid-hypoxic
medium cannot maintain human biological life energy. ATP made by
fermentation can maintain the life energy of microorganisms such as
bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and cancer cells. The secret to
reverse acute maladaptive symptom reactions, prevent and reverse
microorganism infections, maintaining human biological health and
providing for the reversal of degenerative diseases is to maintain
a normal alkaline body pH, hyperoxia and an adequate negative
(south-seeking) static magnetic field.”
In these great words of wisdom lay the cures for
all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and chronic infections.
Therefore: by refusing all infective vaccinations and immunizations
as well as amalgam fillings and root canals; by using negatively
charged photons and ions to kill all anaerobic bacteria, viruses,
fungus and microscopic parasites (such as ultraviolet light and
ozone/oxidative therapies coupled with internal use of grapefruit
seed extract); by keeping the body in a highly alkaline state using
enzymes and alkaline minerals (as found in raw, unprocessed foods,
whole food supplementation and alkaline water); by keeping a highly
oxygenated state through deep breathing, exercise and oxygen
therapies (such as hyperbaric oxygen and ozone steam
cabinets); by keeping in negatively charged magnetic fields (such
as magnetic beds, magnetic wraps, magnetic bricks and seat pads
while drinking magnetized, alkaline water—all north pole;
and by using laetrile and wild-crafted herbs), historic White
Protestant/Baptist-Calvinist nations would cease to be the leaders
in chronic degenerative diseases and the Jesuit Order’s wicked
Counter-Reformation would begin to be successfully resisted
by those peoples once again!
But the licensed treatment of the AMA’s created
diseases must be by means of Rome’s unholy trinity—cut, burn and
poison. The Church of Modern Medicine tolerates no
heresy and uses the sword of our CFR-controlled government to
punish those “obstinate medical heretics” who would dare to truly
cure us Americans of our diseases deliberately put upon us by “the
Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.”
Indeed, Satan, using his Jesuit-ruled, “globalist” Vatican
Empire, has “weakened the nations” in every way,
especially in our health. And of course, the Knights of Malta
control the great pharmaceutical industries such as Merck, Sharp
& Dohme, as they are connected with the Order’s Central
Intelligence Agency. The late Knight of Malta Elmer H.
Bobst, past chairman of Warner-Lambert Company, and
Knight of Malta Lewis E. Lehrman— the Romanist and racial
Jew—whose family owns the Rite-Aid chain of American
drugstores, have been and are Papal soldiers.
Oh yes, the Holy Scriptures are true when
describing Rome, one day to move her world commercial power
to the rebuilt city of Babylon on the Euphrates River,
“. . . that great city, Babylon, that mighty
city . . . for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for
by thy sorceries [pharmacies] were all nations

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20 Jun 2021
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