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Eric Dubay
Eric Dubay 21 Oct 2021
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Enslaved on earth. At last someone speaking my language
05 Dec 2021
Enslaved on earth. At last someone speaking my language
Shokat Ali · 169 Views

Why Flat Earth Matters


⁣When the spinning ball-Earth is finally exposed worldwide for the 500
year deception it was, Earth's entire population will suddenly be faced
with the reality that every government, every space agency, university,
secret society, religious organization, mainstream and alternative
media outlet have all been duplicitous in propping up a monstrous
manipulation to fleece and control the masses. The resulting mass mental
exodus away from the control system is exactly what humanity needs.
Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these lying politicians, spokesmen,
reporters and teachers suddenly change from being heralded voices of
authority to being ridiculed, shunned and denounced as they deserve.
Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these governments, universities,
media outlets and other entangled organizations which have long been
hard at work weaving this multi-generational ball-Earth myth, suddenly
and completely lose all credibility. Once the truth of our flat Earth
gets out, so does the truth of these few elite families/societies who
have kept this most important and fundamental reality from us for these
hundreds of years! Essentially, once the flat Earth truth gets out, so
does every other important truth by proxy, because this
"mother-of-all-conspiracies" holds under its umbrella literally all of
the other conspiracies, and exposes them.
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Justice4u 1 month ago

I can't comment on "flat earth" as I've not looked into it, but on all matters I retain an open mind. However, given that the Sumarians are glossed over, the WW2 narrative given to school children and on the tv is full of manipulations/omissions and the Vatican has a vast library off limits to humanity, I know we've been lied to by those seeking to control us.

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BarbaraPzv44 1 month ago

Wаnnа hаve hot-lovin' сonversatiоns?
Yоu’гe on the right waу!

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ProudUSAGirl 1 month ago

⁣⁣While the MSM condemns the use of ivermectin, the most populated state in India just declared they are officially COVID free after promoting widespread use of the safe, proven medicine. In addition to this, Ivermectin attaches to covid spikes and prevents them from binding to ACE2. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

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DotORCrossTheQRCode 1 month ago

⁣A diverse group of trolls are those who are just here to cause division among us TRUTHERS (we believe in gravity amongst other things). There are entire channels devoted to hating Jews as an entire human race on BNT while masquerading as anti-globalists and "anti-Zionist" together with those of the same who troll under that guise in the comments. Most notably here ANTHONY NESCI who has attacked Monica Smit in an attempt to discredit the good she's doing for Australia. Then you get a small group of pro-lethal injection trolls who exist to try to piss us off - mostly I think these are bored video game kids. Thirdly, a hybrid of disinfo/shill troll that randomly calls everything that moves a "shill" while being themselves REAL shills. They do this without explanation or just based on MSM disinfo reports they cite.

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dayman30 1 month ago

Be specific, why do you believe in gravity ? I'm a "Truther", and I know that gravity is just a (mind-control) theory, and doesn't exist - helium balloons rise - job done.

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KarenCqn30 2 months ago

Нi! I invite you tо the Sех Сlub -

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Enslaved on earth. At last someone speaking my language
05 Dec 2021
Enslaved on earth. At last someone speaking my language
Shokat Ali · 169 Views