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TheTruthHunter 13 May 2021
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16 Jun 2021
HerbalGurl · 1 Views

Woman Giving Interview About Being Vaccinated......Watch Behind Her


⁣Mirrored -

Learn Common Law With Knowledge Is Power (Work your way through tabs at the top of page) -

Meet Your Strawman (Article) -

Common Law In 10 Minutes (Video) -

Strawman - The Best Common Law documentary you will find (video) -

Common Law Court - Register the living breathing you -

The UK Government downgraded the danger of Covid19 from a high consequence infectious disease on 19th March 2020 (1 week BEFORE the first lockdown) -

Global Covid Report - A Brilliant 73 page flip book style article -

A 113 page pdf full of information from frontline workers & the VAERS -

18 Reasons I won't be getting a Covid19 'vaccine' -

Covid19 is a manufactured pandemic -

Doctor demolishes Covid vaccine -

If there is no virus why are people dying (article) -

5 Questions to ask people who plan on getting a Covid19 'vaccine' -

Dr Andrew Kaufman - Sars Cov 2 has not been isolated. It doesn't exist (article) -

A brilliant article explaining why the number of cycles (CT) of the PCR Test is pushing out false positives everywhere -

MP's & SAGE are heavily invested in the vaccine industry -

Face masks are neither effective or safe (article) -

Bill Gates: Vaccines are phenomenal profit makers -

The Empire of the City - How 3 independent states controls the world together -

The UNITED STATES isn't a country, it's a corporation -

There are 2 Constitutions in the United States -

The Rockefeller's own Western medicine -

The City Of London (The Crown) owns the UNITED STATES -

EXPOSED: All the Queens agents that control the world -

Who Are The Jesuits? -

The Crown Empire & The City of London -

3 Corporations rule the world -

The City of London Empire -

The Rothschilds, Vatican & City of London -

The Council of 13 -

The Committee of 300 -

Empire of the City -

The Real Controllers of Humanity: The Papal Bloodlines -

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PedroMartinDeClet 28 days ago

⁣Free Multi Format Downloads

⁣The Vaccine Watchman 1888
by Stokes, W. D

The Poisoned Needle 1957 by ⁣Eleanor McBean ⁣ 283 pages

⁣Swine Flu Expose ⁣1977 ⁣by Eleanora McBean 71 pages

⁣Vaccination, the silent killer : a clear and present danger 1977 ⁣Eleanor McBean 132 pages

& More TRUTH

⁣The 1918 “Spanish Flu”: Only The Vaccinated Died

⁣Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?

⁣Bacteria were the real killers in 1918 flu pandemic


⁣COVID-19: Another Chapter in the History of Deception and Secrecy

⁣‘Professor Lockdown’ Modeler Resigns in Disgrace

⁣The media, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other “privately” owned communications outlets have become the self-proclaimed “guardians” (censors) of information.

On April 26, 2020, Twitter suspended the account of a publicly traded biotech company for sharing information about a non-medicinal UV light therapy for COVID-19.

⁣YouTube and Twitter Censor Pharma Company Researching UV Light Treatment for Chinese Virus

⁣“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.”Arnold RelmanFormer Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine

⁣The Germ Theory Deception - Viruses, 5G , Vaccines ...

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TomJack574 1 month ago

⁣REJECT the INJECT and the suspicious deep nasal PCR test. Why would anyone allow injection of dangerous lab created genetic code(not a vaccine) and risk many serious side effects, later auto-immune diseases, sterilization and even death?
The C-19 "vaccine" companies skipped long term tests, have no liability for death or injuries and will make billions. Those under 70 have near zero chance of dying from C-19 and asymptomatic virus infection is not supported by independent science studies. Lockdowns should never have been implemented. The media, politicians and medical establishment are all sponsored by Big Pharma. Big Money influences many opinions.
Through much harsher living conditions in human history our immune system has successfully fought many viral and bacterial infections without "vaccines".
Natural foods, chemical free water, exercise, some sunshine and 8 hours sleep are the best immune system support. For more Info including a PDF to Print and Share:

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Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter 1 month ago

Darwinism at its finest

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dylandylsky 1 month ago

Just the sight of these sheep sat in that hall like lambs to the slaughter .. How sad there is no hope people are so weak and brainwashed with this web of lies and destruction .. An whats the music for ???? Vax day out ??? SHEEP

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sheeeep!! BAAA!!

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16 Jun 2021
HerbalGurl · 1 Views