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Nightflight 18 Oct 2020
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24 Oct 2020
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World Doctors Alliance For A Better Normal - Berlin 10.10.2020


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Skipper99 6 days ago

we need you all thank you for speaking out you give us who are awake hope👏👏👍👍

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GIY147 6 days ago

⁣⁣May the New (Better) Normal be Love, Truth, Honor and Fidelity among the knowing
and those who agree likewise.

⁣Please don't consider this religion... it is simply the truth... I
pray you will understand.

Now know that; God is Love... And Love is the Life and Light of the
Spirit, But you must have Faith and Know, That Love is in us all, even
the unloving... there is yet still a spark... a light... a hope... that
you should understand.

May it become a consuming fire in you!

The Fruit of (love) is righteousness, kindness and truth. But you must
have Faith to Know.
And of these: peace, joy and understanding. And again you must have
Faith to Know.
And of these comes enduring patience and long suffering. May you
have Faith and Know! “Christ in you”

The hope of glory, The Life and Light of the Spirit. Even the Holy
Spirit... your Teacher and High Priest who is able to guide you...
Closer than any Brother.that guides, reproves and reveals the truth...
that we must all know And should know... The Father as He is... the same
in all. Not man but Spirit... listen to the Spirit.

⁣Can you say this with me? I believe in love, I believe in truth, i
believe in honor and fidelity with those that believe likewise.

And to those who do... May God; the Spirit of creation... bless you in
all your ⁣endeavors. It's not about religion... It's about faith in
what is Real and what is True........

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hgenzs 6 days ago

Thank you for posting this video! :) At the editor of the video: the background music distracts a bit from the talk. EDIT: I realized this video is mirrored from YT. I mirrored it as well on New Tube. :)

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Shinrin Yoku
Shinrin Yoku 6 days ago

⁣This fraudemic is the greatest deception of our time, it’s not about a virus, it’s about control...

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hiphopchrissie 6 days ago

⁣Time has run out on talking about how the human race has been farmed and misled into slavery. Take action, be one of the first to do something to stop the EVIL. VOTE on Newsflash 3 to end the system that has led us to this nightmare! Option 2 will do!⁣

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24 Oct 2020
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