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⁣HR3: Covid-19 A Chinese Bioweapon For World War 3 Confirmed By Army Documents
11 May 2021
⁣HR3: Covid-19 A Chinese Bioweapon For World War 3 Confirmed By Army Documents
The Resistance 1776 · 202 Views

WORLD FREEDOM ALLIANCE Interview Part 3 - Professor Dolores Cahill


⁣Martin Byrne BL sits down with founding members of the World Freedom Alliance to discuss the implications of lockdowns, the Covid-19 vaccine and The Great Reset.

Part 1 - ⁣Heiko Schöning - Medical Doctor from Germany
Part 2 - Mads Palsvig - Former Investment Banker and ⁣Chairman of the Danish Political Party JFK21
Part 3 - Professor Dolores Cahill - Molecular Biologist & Immunologist

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littlebitonfire 3 months ago

⁣Today, ⁣Censorious YouTube Removes Over 500,000 Videos Discussing COVID-19: ⁣

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Wayne11Allan 4 months ago


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istudios 4 months ago

⁣This interview was in November 2020. In December 2020, countries around the world started giving their populations the Covid vax. Guess what? Hundreds of thousands of people who received the Covid vax have had Serious Adverse Events, as classified by CDC, where the victim needs 24/7 care by a healthcare worker or doctor, or they died. THOUSANDS have died. We don't know exactly how many because govts and MSM are covering up the data and deliberately not broadcasting it. IOW, govts and MSM are deceiving the people.

At the same time, the murderers, Big Pharma, (1) are claiming the adverse events have nothig to do with the Covid vaccine, and (2) have indemnified themselves against any and all lawsuits from their products.

Those who died, it happened within 4 days to 1 week from getting the Covid vax, as reported in alternative media. Just as Professor Cahill said here in November 2020. She is absolutely right and telling us the truth. As she says, the reality is actually the complete opposite of what govts and MSM are telling us. We need to take note of this and act accordingly, to protect our health, bodies and our very lives.

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4 months ago

Some one please arrange for one of these doctors to have an online discussion with this Doctor with 868k followers he says hospitals are over flowing someone put him straight , this is what we need to reach out lets see a doctor to doctor chat where views differ a healthy discussion. ..⁣

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pedronumerouno 4 months ago

⁣that was osbourne, using gates pgp key, to ssh tunnel in. whoops. i watched the microsft engineers taking the piss out of the intel engineers for messing up the drivers, whilst i was sitting watching. thegovernmen at the time. posh boys. told us its the hackers. they forgot to mentionit was the government hackers from vauxhall virginia.

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⁣HR3: Covid-19 A Chinese Bioweapon For World War 3 Confirmed By Army Documents
11 May 2021
⁣HR3: Covid-19 A Chinese Bioweapon For World War 3 Confirmed By Army Documents
The Resistance 1776 · 202 Views