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Waking The Future 20 Jun 2021
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Whistle Blower Telling What Goes On In Her Hospital With The Jabs
30 Jul 2021
Whistle Blower Telling What Goes On In Her Hospital With The Jabs
GGT · 188 Views

WtF's Evening Tyranny Report 06-20-2021 MA Contact Tracing App Goes Live/Brits 4th Wave Lockdow


⁣Massachusetts department of public health received billions from the feds and they are using it to step harder on the throats of the people. This app was loaded on our phones with 1 single notification, turned on without my knowledge and had to be turned off manually and uninstalled. Sold as voluntary though! Meanwhile the Brits face more fear and propaganda about a 4th wave and coming lockdowns months before they even happen...




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romanticdance 1 month ago

Yeah, all based on the 98% ineffective PCR fake "Covid" tests. What a handy tool it is for those tyrants running the show. You have to be scared and stay away from all social live. No love no hugs, no parties, no holidays, no travels, nothing but fearporn 24/7

All they have to do about the unwanted is mark them as a "positive", or a "new case", to expell you from social contacts, work and travelling. To tie you down in solemn confinement. The social "exclusion" ratings.
In the honor and shame culture they will hail the vaccine hero's and blame the deniers for the "new infections".

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HerbGreen 1 month ago

There are no party lines. It's all part of the Grand Political Theater, and the script of the show is drafted around one principle. KEEP THE PUBLIC DIVIDED. That's it. Have you ever noticed that whenever there is bipartisanship on an issue, the proposed legislature they agree on usually involves the removal of more of civil liberties and/or freedom?None of these politicians are on our side. The president is merely a show pony, or an actor. Like any big production, the lead roile has stunt doubles. For some extra fun credits, see how many different Trumps and Bidens youcan spot. There's Old Jeriatric Joe, Dimented and Lost Joe, Clint Eastwood Joe in the aviators. There's fat Trump and Twitter Trump. He has to have someone tweeting for him. His hands are too small. He can't possibly thumb type that fast. There's creepy Trump, Grumpy Trump, and Golfing Trump. All of them have had cosmetic surgery done to look as identical as possible but if you look closely you should be able tio notice some subtle, and some glaring, differences. Hopefully, as you play the game, you realize that it doesn't matter who the president is. The agenda moves forward. I, for one, do not consent to much of that agenda. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing a lot of you, no matter what political division you side with, do not consent for their agenda as well

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davidmintun 1 month ago

My phone cannot tell me, or them, anything. i shut the piece of excrement off. When the service provider asked me why i was cancelling the service, i simply told them i no longer needed their services.
It is hard to describe just how good it feels. Take the challenge..., and get that "good" feeling for yourself.

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1 month ago

Never owned a so-called smartphone, I now no longer own my 15 year old Nokia dumb phone. I refuse utterly to be bullied into this digital dystopia smart technology bullshit.

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Notanotherone 1 month ago

Thanks Pat & Joel you will never have a price because you both are absolutely priceless. Thank you for what you do, you are a much needed tonic always refreshing and appreciated.

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Whistle Blower Telling What Goes On In Her Hospital With The Jabs
30 Jul 2021
Whistle Blower Telling What Goes On In Her Hospital With The Jabs
GGT · 188 Views