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GUFON claims Balcony debunk was bad diff house - Paul already knows Live Chat 85 still valid debunk

13 Views - Published on 23 Jan, 2023
⁣#UAP #UAPS #offworldcraft #alien #aliens #fraudchannels #UFOLOGY #AfieldofLies #misinformation #disinformation Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps) (0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted! (rough time locations) [00:00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show [00:01:00] (1b) Coming up - More much the same lol UFOs and HOAXERS, GUFON Sedona SecCam Glass Sheet Lights TPOM hoax additional info ST10 etc [00:14:08] (2) Main Topics begins - GabberBeastTV Joins Side Voice and Paul talks about VST virtual standalone Synths can get. [00:18:26] (3) Daylight footage (stills only) of the Balcony and if theres Glass or Not at that LA House and if it breaks Pauls analysis which he says it dont as it was faked with Glass and clues exist alternative way it was done. [00:33:00] (4) Gabbers Space Alien Cat takes over the Aussie Camera. [00:35:00] (5) GUFONS SecCam Enhanced shows clearly the Type of SecCam which came our in 1996 (PTZ Domes) [00:40:00] (6) GUFONS new claims of a UFO cases (THEY DONT MATCH) his Security Cam Hoaxed video. [00:42:00] (7) GUFON body Lingo again suggests hes lying and making up a story calling US HATERS which we are not. We again just debunk his lies or false claims in UFOLOGY. [00:46:00] (8) GUFON lack of tech knowledge is bad here holding up a mobile phone to the screen. [00:59:00] (9) Reverend John Polk, Alleged UFOs in Sedona was another Hoax Shill Attempt on UFOLOGY.. Paul points out the power lines and high mast Lights This is the kind of dome and lights all around Sedona. [01:16:00] (10) GUFON admits he sucks at research!! WE KNOW!! even if he does any at all! [01:24:00] (11) GUFON making claims he can show its a different house!! too late I have done it and proven the debunk still holds even if not same type of balcony. [01:37:00] (12) Blakes big lie about Privacy removing the LA event hoax.. as we have Daylight footage of same house in more detail!! [01:40:00] (13) Look over Snaps of the daytime footage.. Here is a glass table! [01:48:21] (14) Paul dont play the video but show URL on discord. Paul has various snaps. [02:00:00] (15) Look over Tylers Secureteam 10 Latest video to be shocked 18wheels had sent him his videos.. Trick or Treat wham bam Halloween 2022. [02:03:20] (16) Tyler talks about the old Navy footage (Boring) but I re-Cap my debunk for it.. being a thick 18inch silver heart balloon, and a out of focus light source is not the lens of the camera as GUFON claims. [02:11:00] (17) Booms in Florida - Paul says get them a bit in NZ called mini quakes. if dont have many sensors on ground science dept wont detect them. [02:13:26] (18) Bunch of Balls Secureteam is shilling as UFO. [02:18:21] (19) 18 wheels footage zoomed and filters by Tyler but proves nothing and add less to the analysis I did on live shows. [02:33:00] (20) Plane in photo is not a TIC TAC Tyler Glockener. [02:40:30] (21) Thirdphase latest videos looked at under fair use for Pauls analysis on them. First fleet of Tic Tacs.. Drones, Blimps, Ships or what? [02:47:00] (22) Paul says this one (PIXELS) is most likely a Fast Sea Jet Boat for signature reasons. Shows long jet out the back that matches in NZ jet boat clips Shotover river. [02:57:00] (23) 18Wheels gets on Mic to explain why he gave his footage to a known hoaxer Secureteam. [03:32:00] (24) Breath vid 18wheels Paul warps up for the night.... here is link to original non compressed cheers Paul. Thanks for watching, Liking, and commenting on video it really helps.. and join our serious UFO research group on Discord social text chat and optional voice group see join link in the about tab or banner bar and here as well, ( A new How-To Tutorial on Discord and Group layout is now HERE! ( cheers Paul. All Links can be found here to socials and beyond! our website is listed there *** If you want to support my work with a donation as low as $1 a month then thanks very much *** Find all ways to donate here including monthly options That do NOT take 30 percent of the donation like google does! Purchase my Tshirt Designs and Other Merc Here ( I Earn from $3 to $5 per Item which goes towards production costs) Thanks to the Following Paul S. (Music) Free Music Archive (creative commons music) Lobo_Loco_-_01_-_Technomagus_City_ID_501.mp3 sometimes other tunes or a mix of 2 Elvis_Herod_-_07_-_Eggs_Toast_Gas_Fish.mp3 Marc_Burt_-_04_-_Elements_Psychadelik_Pedestrian_chillout_edit. ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain and falls under rules of Fair Use. We are making such material available for the purposes of criticism, comment, review and news reporting
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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner - 2 months ago
see descr for topics list and time locations.. on YT its called chapters and adds > on player you can find it on there too if want to use chapters there