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Waking The Future
Waking The Future 22 Apr 2021
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TV Series Utopia Shoves it in your Face
07 May 2021
TV Series Utopia Shoves it in your Face
Rex_Colt · 138 Views

Young Model Passes After Jab, Australia Urges High Risk People To Get The Shot And Mask Your 2 Y/O!


⁣30 year old Ashley Gerren dies after her experimental "vaccine". She was an actress a model and a mother who appeared to have no medical reason to get this shot! Australia is looking to enroll diabetics in this experiment even after all the blood clot issues with the astra jab. England is slowing the push for the pcr tests? Well we shall see what the reasoning is for this one! Michigan tyrants at it again and this time they are going for toddlers wearing masks as the next phase of conditioning takes place.



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Dubsential 13 days ago

Anyone want too hazard a guess what they spoke about most at buildaturd meetings.. What david rockefeller was talking about in a leaked clip discussing the media keeping hush about they're plans for the world..
What comes next do you think they will just leave all the antivaxxers be?

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Cutie Von Fuzzbutt
Cutie Von Fuzzbutt 13 days ago

⁣The AZ jab here has been banned for under 50s and pfizer put in its
place for that age range and over 50s get the AZ poison, i'm 50 so I
don't fit into either group and yes they are coersing diabetics to get
the jab even dying cancer patients, I know someone who knows of a guy
who was killed by one who was in the position. Hardly anyone showed up at the Melbourne jab hub no one here wants that poison cept brainwashed idiot box watchers, The online news sites that have their comment sections open the comments are all agaimst the jabs cept for the odd paid troll.

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Phileasfogg 15 days ago

The only surprise is that 99% of the sheep bought it hook line and sinker. I was hoping that the numbers would at least be equal to the amount who still believe that people landed on the moon. 87%. That would have given the awake more oportunity to reach the comotose TV watchers.

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woodyswife 15 days ago

Seems like ALL the whole world leaders are filled with CORRUPTION!!!!!!🤒

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TwistedMystic 15 days ago

What piece of shit parents allows their children to wear a mask!?! And the ones allowing their kids to take the are beyond help and should probably kill yourself..or take the jab...same thing. Either way, just get it done please..

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TV Series Utopia Shoves it in your Face
07 May 2021
TV Series Utopia Shoves it in your Face
Rex_Colt · 138 Views