About Brand New Tube

Here at Brand New Tube (BNT) we want our users to enjoy building their own identity within our platform.

There are so many features available like live-streaming, chat, as well as showcase videos etc with further additions in the pipe line.

As a Platform we have also recently introduced features that empower content creators like review comments that is becoming increasingly popular as it develops. Not the most favourite feature for the spammers, bots and trolls we might add!

BNT terms and conditions of use are pretty straight forward. Content Creators may post material they produce to the platform as long as they comply with our policies.

Unlike other platforms, we will not erase or censor users for simply having different opinions to others!

The content posted to the platform is not necessarily reflective or representative of the views of Brand New Tube, its staff or owners. (c) 2020/2021

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