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RISE WITH BNT 127 | Covid Brainwashing | Club 27 | Scotland SRA | Psychiatric Deception

50 K Views - Published on 09 Jan, 2023
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⁣NLP: Covid measures | Club 27 - real or myth? | Satanism in Scotland | Not the right time to detox | Deceptive language of psychiatry | Jab coercion: how to remedy in law ⁣ SHIN SONG:
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Nikema Taylor Avatar
Nikema Taylor - 3 weeks ago
Greetings everyone. Great to see you both Sonia and Sean.

 Nikema Taylor Avatar
Nikema Taylor - 3 weeks ago
Great topic w need to know thy self.

 Gummy10 Avatar
Gummy10 - 3 weeks ago
Good Morning all

 mick ackroyd Avatar
mick ackroyd - 3 weeks ago
Its easier to fool people than it is to convince people they have been fooled.

 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 3 weeks ago

 thinkoutsidethebox Avatar
thinkoutsidethebox - 3 weeks ago
Bill Gates gets 20 to one on his return

 Ron_Furtherhills Avatar
Ron_Furtherhills - 3 weeks ago
Good to see BNT coming back

 piglatum Avatar
piglatum - 3 weeks ago
Great show.regarding the detox, we can see the marketing works very well, let's hope the product is as good.

 Tracy Young Avatar
Tracy Young - 3 weeks ago
I looked at the root brands looks very expensive and can’t see how long each packet is for ? Shame the detox thing seems to have a rainbow logo ?

 Nevyme Avatar
Nevyme - 3 weeks ago
Half of 55 is 27 n a half 😂